Non-Fiero Lamborghini Replica

The seller claims this is an all-custom, tube-frame car with a carbon fiber cockpit tub.  Presumably, the body is from a Fiero kit, but we're not sure.  What we do know is this sounds like a lot of work for something that doesn't work; so a Fiero might have been a great idea.

What we know is that this doesn't run, the doors aren't attached, the interior isn't finished, some glass is missing and there's no title because there was no donor car.  Want more bad news?  How about an automatic transaxle?  As the seller points out, this can change with a Porsche or similar transaxle; so maybe just the right buyer will come along to finish this project the right way.  The price probably isn't right, but offers are accepted.

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Eastanollee, GA, USA
$7,999 BIN with offers accepted and 6.5 days to go

As you can see, lots of finishing details are needed, especially in the lighting department.

Note drop cloth filling in for windscreen.

One taillight hole is cut and one isn't.  We're not sure what fits.

Supposedly, this is custom and made of carbon  fiber.  The end result is very Fiero.

Here's the GM 3.8L V6 and auto transaxle.

Ad text:

Lamborghini Countach  LP500 Turbo S replica Lambo  1984/1985  replica .  It has a custom tubed chassis all the way around it, after market wish bone suspension, adjustable coil over shocks and custom 4 wheel disk brakes. It has a 3800 V6 automatic but this engine could be taken out and a V8 transaxel Porsche transmission could be put in with little application. It has a carbon fiber cab and cockpit, custom made to the frame. From front bumper to rear bumper is 165". From the front wheel axle to the real wheel axle is 103". The car is 42" high at the center of the car. The body is attached with rubber mounts but the body can also be unhooked and taken off for maintenance. It has an after market a/c unit. I believe the wire harness is from an Oldsmobile. The car has been sitting for awhile when I got it. I bought this car a while back and was going to do something with is but currently do not have the time. I have only heard the car run one time and it lasted about 5 minutes. I drove it down the driveway and around the neighborhood and came back and it quit as I was going up the driveway. It has not ran since. When I purchased the car, the guy I bought it from, said it will run when it wants to. The car has some wiring/electrical problems. The engine and transmission is in good working condition. The engine sounds very quiet and does not use or leak any oil that I know of. It has an after market aluminum fuel tank. I have the Lamborghini 90 degree door hinges with shocks. The car needs to be painted and finished. The doors are not attached, does not have door windows or windshield, no boot hinges or engine bay hinges. There is no part on this car that is a Pontiac Ferrio. This is a custom built chassis for a Lamborghini kit body. The car does not have a title. You can have it inspected or find a donor Ferrio title to get a tag for this car.  Before looking at the car, a deposit of $500.00 will need to be placed in paypal and we can make arrangements for pick up. If the car is not as described on ebay at the time of pick up, I will refund the deposit.  Everything in the picture is the only thing I have.  What you see is what you get.  I will not respond to emails asking what I will take for the car.  You can make an offer if you like.  I know the car needs a lot of work, no need to mention in an email.  Please look carefully before bidding and ask sensible questions. Please look at my feedback and bid with confidence. Email with any questions 

  Do to the nature of this item, it is sold as is.

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