Kenmeri from Bahrain: 1974 Nissan Skyline 240K GT

The C110 Skyline was known as the Kenmeri due to the ad campaign which launched it and featured decidedly non-Japanese actors.  This started life as a right-hand drive 240K GT but is now left-hand drive and features an L28 in place of the L24.

The work on this car appears to have been done to a very high standard, as the LHD conversion looks stock.  This is a rare car; so some would prefer it bone stock; but LHD convenience (for most markets) and L28

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East Riffa, BAHRAIN, Bahrain
$40,100 with 58 bids, reserve not met and 1.25 days to go

This looks like a scaled-up US-market Datsun, but these were never sold here.  Upscaling accommodates six cylinder engines.

Here's a first glance at the iconic Skyline tail lights.  Also note that aggressive fastback style and the character lines on the sides - all very 70s Japanese (meaning US-influence, yet unique in some ways).

Front end it unlike any US Datsun.  Note 240K GT badge.

Here's another look at those awesome tail lights.  By the way, we love the hubcaps and, of course, the color.

Inside is sporty and everything appears to be in great shape.

This looks like it has a full complement of gauges.  The seller says the steering wheel is worn, but it looks good in the pics.

Fastback styling compromised the trunk quite a bit, but it still hold a spare.

L28 could be stock, as it looks the same as an L24 on the outside.  We're not sure what the induction story is here - US L-series sixes had either two SU-style carbs or fuel injection.  This appears to have a single carb.  We love the stock look, but wonder if triple Mikunis would really make it sing.

Ad text:

 Datsun Nissan, skyline 240K GT (C110), 1974, GOOD CONDITION MUST SEE, only had though approaching as shown 126020 KM but not original km driven.
You are viewing a rare find stunning classic outstanding example of 1974 Datsun Nissan skyline 240K GT, Series (C110), Two door Model, 2800cc (6 cylinder) Block type L28 inline engine 2.8 SOHC carburetor, this is meticulously maintained never smoke

Approximated driven 126020km, convert to Miles well be 078306 mile not original and I don’t have the original mileage I bought it as it is, 2 doors, equipped with the 5-speed manual transmission, 14-inch steel wheel rim with stainless steel wheel hubcap, good condition, complete service is just done.

Its looks amazing for rear quarter original design with its slash-style fender flare and angular. The cabin is typical of higher-range Japanese cars of the era, with lots of flat, sharp-cut surfaces and black interior. the gauges cluster and its large teach and speedo-sized analog RPM, as well as the big diameter, skinny-rimmed. Note the pillarless hardtop construction, which should make for a very airy cabin with all four windows rolled down.

The vehicle look like great and run good, Paint appears in good shape all over its repaint in original gorgeous color, however a few small dings here and there, color (Golden light brown classic) exterior, and (black) for interior.

I would guess it is the finest example currently available anywhere. Overall the car presents very nicely

The car original bought it from Australia and it’s converted to LHD, the new chassis number plate is match the car model, car specification and year, It's a so RARE to get LHD car model that converted in professional way.

Please note there is wear and tear in the steering wheel.

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Front Seats:
Upholstery Material 
Manual passenger seat & manual adjustable driver seat
Height adjustable driver seat
Rear seats:
Upholstery Material
Front console with storage
Front center console storage under the stereo 
Cable trunk release
12V front cargo area power outlet(s)
Air conditioning
Center roof reading lights
Front and rear floor mats (not original)
In Car Entertainment:
2 total rear speakers
JVC AM/FM stereo and CD Playback (not original)
Safety Features:
Front Disc / rear Drum brakes
Front seat belt for driver and passenger 
Rear center 2-point belt
2 front adjustable headrests
Heated rear window

This is best deal for cars collectors.

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