Stand and Deliver! 1931 Stutz Pak-Age-Car.

The Stutz Pak-Age-Car was a delivery truck meant to be driven from a standing position. Various sellers, including this one, claim very low remaining units.  We know we've never seen - nor featured - one.

This cool little van has a mid-mounted Hercules four cylinder with a rear radiator.  The upside is the whole unit slides out for easy service.  The downside is this van doesn't have all that much cargo capacity.  That won't matter for a 2010s owner, though, as this little curiosity will end up a slow cruiser and/or display piece.

The seller claims this example runs and drives and that all wood is new.  Note that the roof is currently open - something one might want to rectify before any all-weather use or outdoor storage.

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North Las Vegas, NV, USA
$12,500 BIN with offers considered and 6.5 days to go

The doors are not original, but we imagine this van came equipped with something similar.  We love the two-tone tan/brown and we'd love to see correct hubcaps.

Profile is pretty much a typical van box, but the cab-forward nature is obvious.

Here's where things get really interesting.  The radiator occupies the lower center of the rear, complete with accessible cap.  The lower rear and side panels unbolt to allow the complete engine and transaxle assembly to slide out.

As we mentioned, this isn't the most spacious van, given the shelf created by the mid-engine layout.

However, there is, oddly, some storage space in front!

Here's a look at the rear from the inside.  Is that a fuel gauge?

Stutz ID plate is still in place!

Ad text:

1931 Stutz Pak-age-car this is a very rare small stand and drive delivery van 1 of only about 6 known left in existence and a part of american automotive history. This little van has a 4 cylinder Hercules engine mounted in the rear to a transaxle with 4 wheel independent suspension. I have left the roof open there are a lot of ways to finish it witch I will leave up to the next owner. This van runs and drives. The 2 side doors are not originel but just about everything else is and I installed all new wood. This little van would be great for advertisment. Clear NV title. You can google Stutz Pak-age-car for more info on this little van that is were I got most of what i know about it. trade possible for the rite hot rod, street rod or other classic car or truck.  Any questions call Jeff #702-xxx-xxx  Las Vegas NV

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