Custom V8 Tractor: The Non-Road "Road Warrior"

This is a fully custom tractor running a Chevy 350 and an Opel-based front suspension.  The seller calls it the "Road Warrior", but promptly points out it's not for on-road use, as it likely can't be registered.  Hmm - to be fair, no one needed registration in the Road Warrior (as opposed to on Mad Max).

This is completely impractical, yet perfectly awesome.  What would you do with it?

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Justice, IL, USA
$1,025 with three bids, reserve not met and  6.5 days to go

The look is all tractor, yet the front end is clearly extended to house the non-tractor engine.

Here's a close-up of the chromed 350 with its awesome headers. Up close, the fabrication  work looks good, and the builder even thought to put in a step.

Rear view doesn't show much other than lots of tire and the keg-style fuel tank, but there's a narrowed Dana rear end in there.

"Interior" is simple, but better equipped than one might expect.  We see a full (overdone!) compliment of gauges, although we note two tachs; so it's possible the car cluster doesn't actually work.  A stereo is oddly present - we can't imagine one can hear anything over the headers.  Shifting looks to be a crotch-grabbing exercise.

Ad text:

This is a one of a kind, garage kept, custom built, trophy winning V8 **Tractor**. It's called the ROAD WARRIOR (like an outrageous vehicle on Mad Max). It is about 9 1/2 feet long and is powered by a 1972 Chevy 350 V8, turbo 350 automatic transmission, Dana rear end, Opel GT front axle, powder coated Zoomie headers, aluminum keg gas tank, lots of chrome, custom paint. It runs great!

This vehicle is intended for car shows, parades, cruise nights, tractor events. It will be sold on a bill of sale since it is not intended for street use.

Due to recent non-paying bidders we will reject all bids with zero feedback. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Any questions or concerns please call George on 708-xxx-xxxx.

This vehicle needs a good home. Happy bidding! 

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  1. Oh my gosh! It's in Illinois! I could buy.... nah.