Custom 2009 VW Rabbit Caddy

Do you love both the recent VW Golf/Rabbit and the old school VW Caddy? Someone loved both and decided to make a tribute. Sadly, the result is much less functional vs. a hatchback or an original Caddy.

The seller claims to have over $70K invested in this vehicle and we can almost believe it. Fans of odd engines will be please to learn this is a five-cylinder version and fans of poor management will be further pleased that this is from the brief era where renaming the Golf as the Rabbit was the answer to the age-old question of how to make VW a major volume competitor in the US market without actually listening to the market.  Given the car is called Golf once again, it's safe to say that didn't turn out well.

Underneath it all is a 72K mile Rabbit which claims to have an automatic trans, but with a picture possible showing manual shifter.  The seller even includes a picture of a fabricated Monroney label claiming this to be an original 2009 Caddy.  We wouldn't brandish that label in from of Federales...

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$2,075 with seven bids, reserve no met and four days to go

This gives you a great combination of odd styling and compromised passenger AND cargo space!

Even the front angle is odd here.  Moon discs and whitewalls are nice, though.

Profile is...unique.

Yes, this is still weird from a low angle.

Yes, a true tailgate was fabricated.  I'm not sure I'd sit on it, though.

Bed's thick walls limit space, as does the "cage" structure.  Does that go through the wood to attach to metal, or are those rubber caps on the ends??

Only one decent interior shot is included, and it's at an odd angle.  Nardi wheel is an interesting choice, as are racing-type seats with harnesses.

Recreated Monroney label is of highly questionable legality!

Ad text:

2009 VW Rabbit Caddy Lux

The body conversion was done by Luxmotorwerks in Keyport NJ.

All work performed was done first class. The car has been in numerous magazines and shows.

Custom 2.5 header w/ custom exhaust.

All custom suspension w/ B&G coilovers

Custom interior

Due to the body conversion the air bags are none functional

In the pictures there is a list of everything done to this car, There is over $70,000 invested....I WANT THE CAR GONE!!!!!!

I will make someone a HELL OF A DEAL.

Please call or message for more info.


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