Clapped Out Renault Alliance Convertible

We're not sure what happened here, but we're glad this didn't start life as the relatively desirable GTA version of this car. What we have here is a basic four cylinder, automatic Alliance painted in some sort of bass boat paint and equipped with a cheesy hood and a "racing edition" badge.  Ugh.

The seller keeps it simple and calls out the custom paint and hood, also pointing out that this car doesn't run well.  The poor running was likely a stock feature that showed up when this 80s Renault left the factory; so we wouldn't worry too much about that.

What do we like here?  Well, this is a US market Renault product AND part of the ill-fated AMC/Renault alliance (thus the name).  Also, we support the rather odd displacement of 1.7 liters, though we lament the automatic trans.  If this stays under $500, maybe someone will make a Lemons racer out of it.  Of course, that would require a roll cage and perhaps a trans swap.  Maybe that hood can be made functional?

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Bohemia, NY, USA
$200 with two bids, no reserve and three days to go

These "scoops" were grafted on, as even JC Whitney knows not to offer parts for these.

There's something oddly appealing about the extreme boxiness of this design.  That's why we love the GTA so much.

We're not sure, but it looks like the tail lights have been "enhanced" with trim.  Also, what the hell did this tow and why?

Finally, a close-up of the awful paint and "Racing" badge.  We assume the paint came from the Ranger Bass Boat brochure.

Interior is a cool, full red and appears to be in decent shape, considering the age.

Yep, the six figure odometer hasn't rolled over.  That doesn't matter, as we assume getting almost 94K miles out of this took a lot of work and parts.  At least, that's what we're led to believe about US market Renaults.

Here's the mighty 1.7L four cylinder!

Ad text:

1985 Renault Alliance Convertible


The car does not run well
Custom paint ,
Custom hood scoops
Racing edition
Plenty of rubber on the tires
Trailer hitch
Engine 4 cyl 1.7

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