Big Rig Dreamin': Kenworth Cab on Pickup Frame

Yes, almost every boy goes through a big rig infatuation, or at least those raised in the 70s did. We suspect that's what drove this adult realization of the Kenworth dream.

What we have here is a Kenworth cab on a 1978 Chevy dually pickup chassis. The engine is an Isuzu/GMC 5.9L diesel inline six.  The seller mentions having a turbo and air compressor available for the engine.  The trans is a GM Turbo 400 automatic.

The seller provides a good deal of information on the status of this project and points out that it does need paint.  The chassis, however, was painted when the truck was built, and rust inhibitor was used.

Sadly, the seller provides only three images, none of which show the interior or engine.  Even more sadly, the price seem to be in the "crack pipe" range.

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Plymouth, IN, USA
$33,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

A good amount of work went into making this oddity and the result is not boring.  Stacks are a nice touch!

From the front, you'd almost think this was a full-scale semi.

Wheels look rather puny, but keeping the size close to pickup stock should be easier on the parts and should keep tire prices down.

Ad text:

Kenworth Pickup Truck (Like a Street Rod) 5.9 Diesel
204 miles on this unique truck.   The Day cab is new and is stock, not cut or modified.  This cab has
electric windows,
electric wipers
2 new Elderado VIP seats (1 is air ride)
new interior
stainless steel heated mirrors
auto meter instruments
tinted glass
chrome stacks
stainless steel heat shields

Just the new cab alone would cost nearly $30,000 to replace from Kenworth.  The front hood and fenders are one piece.  (I have the fiberglass molds for it and rear fiberglass fenders, I would consider offers for them).  The frame and suspension was sandblasted and painted with chemical resistive epoxy. Power steering and brakes, differential is a posi-traction.  Frame is from a 1978 Chevy dully.  I chose these parts because of ease of getting parts and reasonable priced.  They are heavy duty like the rest of this truck. The bed is built from box tubing and I used stainless steel for outside.  Rear bumper is SS covered.  The 5.9 diesel is from GMC  W6 and has 52,000 miles on it.  ISUZU was 35% owned by GM.  This motor is know as the million mile motor and is tuff and very economical.  I checked mileage on the truck twice and it gets 29/30 miles per gallon.  I have the Turbo (complete) for the motor and also have air compressor.  They are not installed but included with truck.  The motor is nice!!

The motor has an adaptor plate with the Chevy bolt pattern.  Transmission is a 400 turbo hydramatic with a gear vendors overdrive.  With the  Chevy bolt pattern, a  manual trans. can be installed if you don't like the 400 TH. I have the ISUZU shop repair manual and parts manual that are included. Motor is a pre emissions and not computerized and no sensors, easy to service.

The truck needs the hood, fenders, and bedsides sanded and painted.  The paint on cab came from Kenworth- is new and in nice condition.  I have built 3 of these trucks and wanted trucks that were tough and easy to service with easy to get parts if needed.  No emissions or computers to deal with.  Good fuel mileage.  The truck was built to last a lifetime!

Other things the truck needs: wheels polished, tires changed (have 4 good tires that go with the truck) tailgate hinges and latches installed.

I have driven this truck 204 miles and it is nice.  I built this truck 10 years ago and did not get around to painting it.  A little paint and some minor things and you will have a unique super pick up truck.  A real eye catcher and fun to drive. This truck must be seen to appreciate the quality and time I spent building it.  I have considerably more $$$ in it than I am asking for it. This truck can be changed to your liking!!! This truck does not have a warente and is sold as is.

Email your ???

I added the last photo of one of the other Kenworth pick up trucks I own [the red one]. It is nearly the same truck except it has a W900 grill.

I have had a lot of interest in my truck and a lot of ???
Yes I can sell it with out the motor and trans.   
Yes it can be changed to a 4x4 , I did it to my other truck that is nearly the same frame You can see the truck, it was an ez change over.  

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