1988 Renault Medallion: French, Manual Wagon!

Here's a car that checks almost all of the boxes.

1) It's French, which guarantees obscurity in the US.  Even better, the car and the engine are products of long-forgotten alliances.
2) It's a wagon
3) It features a clutch pedal

What's missing?  We say it'd be perfect with all-wheel drive and painted brown.  Still, the blue is a lovely shade - even if it's no French blue - and two more drive wheels would just bog down this four-cylinder even more.

Apparently, this was a partially abandoned project and the seller bought it and finished it.  That means it has a low mileage engine swapped in and new paint.  Aside from aftermarket wheels, this comes off as a preserved original in the images and we think that's a credit to the seller.

These interesting wagons were assembled in France by Renault, but were sold in the US as both the Renault and Eagle Medallion, back in the alliance days.  Further, the 2.2-liter four cylinder was a joint development between PSA (Peugeot/Citroen) and Renault.  A lot of that happened, as those aware of the "PRV" V6 will note.

Anyway, this is something essentially no one expects to see in good shape and we're glad one has been saved. Will you be its next curator?

Click for eBay ad
Miamisburg, OH, USA
$4,500 with ZERO bids and 1.5 days to go

Styling has aged pretty well, but had a bit of space age flare back in the day.  It's just odd enough around the edges to be among the last French cars sold in the US.

Front is rather anonymous, though youngsters in the US might not even recognize a Renault badge.

Back reminds us of several other wagons and hatches from the era (particularly the Mirage) and is a clean design.

The interior appears to be in excellent shape, with just a minor case of "loose cloth."  Naturally, we love the accordion shifter.  We predict some future vehicle will have one as a retro touch, though it needs to happen soon.

Analog gauges and crank windows mean fewer problems!

Back seat is more than  ample.

This beast have plenty 'o cargo capacity.  Why, again, do we need crossovers?

Here's the 2.2-liter "Douvrin" four cylinder, mounted longitudinally and driving the front wheels.

Ad text:

Rare 5 speed station wagon. Purchased from the previous owner in 2012. It had been in storage since 1996. He purchased it with a blown engine and was in the process of putting an engine in but never finished. I trailered it home and began restoring it. I inspected the engine and discovered it is a very low mileage engine, very clean and no wear.  The car now has new belts, hoses, brakes, lines, radiator, air conditioning condenser and lines, exhaust, tires and wheels.  New base coat, clear coat paint. The doors, hood, and tailgate were removed for painting. It has been driven a couple thousand miles since completion. Including a trip to the Carlisle Import meet last May. The original radio does not work and the blower only works on high. The only two things that I can think of that I never got around to fixing. Probably the nicest one in the U.S.

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