Highly Customized Suzuki X90

Because the Suzuki X90 just wasn't weird enough on its own, this one has been modified into a wanna-be off roader. Despite the 39-inch super swampers, the seller advises that this car is for "sunny day driving, or mild to moderate off roaring."  The sunny day warning relates to the complete lack of a top and side windows.

Needless to say, this customization has taken place in Florida.

Underneath all the weirdness is a 135K mile X90, which means a simple and serviceable powertrain.  Note, however, that the seller points out that the automatic (ugh) no longer shifts into overdrive.  That sounds like a great excuse for a manual swap.  This is offered as a running, but incomplete, project, as it sounds like the interior and electrical system are not finished.

The X90 was always a two-seater, and one might wonder if this conversion ended up with more seating, like this one.  In this case, however, any extra space created was used for a ridiculous audio system using what appear to be only the finest of pawn shop brands.  After all, where do you even get "one 18" subwoofer, two 15" subwoofers, two 10" subwoofers, and four 8" three way speakers"?

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Silver Springs, FL, USA
$500 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and 6.5 days to go

Given the 1.6-liter four cylinder is still present, this intake must be only for show.  I'll give the seller this: no one would guess this was an X90.

The rear is also completely customized.  This seems to be mimicking a side-by-side ATV.

Seats look straight out of a buggy, which is pretty cool.  This is also our only shot of he speakers. Note that there's no mention of a head unit or amps.  We're not sure how one would wire this up.

Ad text:

Up for sale is this totally customized 1996 Suzuki X-90. It obviously is not finished. It does however, run and drive. You can physically get in it turn the key, start it up,and drive down the road. This is not an everyday vehicle, although it is street legal. There is no roof, or side windows. It is made for sunny day driving, or mild to moderate off roaring. It has brand new 39.5" Super Swampers, a stock 1.6 litre 4 cylinder engine that runs great, and does not leak or burn oil. There is enough room for a V6 engine swap, if you wish to do so. It has a custom made speaker box that contains one 18" subwoofer, two 15"" subwoofers, two 10" subwoofers, and four 8" three way speakers. It also has a new battery. It has a four speed overdrive transmission, however there is an issue with it. Tough gear (overdrive) will not engage. It does however shift fine in first through third gear. The electronics in the interior need to be installed, and wired up, the rest of the interior pieces need to be bolted in, and the bodywork needs to be finished. This will make someone a great one of a kind, go almost anywhere fun vehicle. I could not get any decent pictures to load from my computer, so I took these ( with no flash available) for now. I will add good pictures asap!


  1. OH!... You had me, right up until the silly speakers.
    And ya think the transmission no longer shifts into overdrive because.. oh I don't know... maybe the engine never sees enough rpm now that you've "regeared" it with those tires?
    Kids these days.... Just like all the other kids in the other days.

    1. To elaborate on that, when the speedo says 50MPH, the car (if you will) is actually doing 80. Just a minor adjustment.

      Climbing a speed bump may require nitrous. :-)

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