FrankenPacer! AMC Pacer 4x4

What do you get when you combine a 1976 Pacer with GM axles, an AMC V8 and International Scout transmission and transfer case?  Well, this...

Okay, it's possible the V8 is original, but the rest is an interesting combination of parts and it results in a pretty amazing ride height.  Hopefully, this actually offers some off-road capability.  We find this one particularly strange, given AMC rather uniquely offered off-road capable hatchbacks in the form of the Eagle Kammback, SX4, etc.  Perhaps this owner just had the parts lying around?

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Dolan Springs, AZ, USA
$4,900 BIN with offers considered

This is definitely unique.  Running board is a nice touch, but we hope it didn't sacrifice ground clearance.

Flag and eagle are very much appropriate here.

Truck bumper!

Rear also features a truck bumper, with spare attached.

Apparently, the hatch clears the spare.

These always had high floors, but one could still cram a fair amount of stuff in here.  We assume the driver of this sort of vehicle hauls a lot of ammo.

Hooray for manual shifters!

Patriotic theme carries over to the seats.  This is fitting for a "Spirit of '76" vehicle, but we find no evidence that this was part of a factory special edition.

Here's the AMC V8.  The seller lists some work needed, but it's not clear that the engine needs much, if anything.

Ad text:

One of a Kind beautiful AMC Pacer. ...

This beauty was worked on with love and attention. Converted to 4 wheel drive by adding General Motors front and rear axles. International Scout 4 speed trans and transfer case to the Pacer under carriage.Does have AC but needs work.. Runs and drives but needs a tune up and some work. It's been setting for 2 years. Paint on top is fading, lower right windshield has a small crack. A rock pit on the left side of the windshield. Brakes work but need a vacuum boaster. Ignition switch is bad, tires are old and need replaced. Lots of things need redone. We have driven this car for years. Very good car that can be made into an attention getting very rare show car. It has been in several show magazines, and won many trophies in car shows.

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