Yule...er...Ute Tide! 1977 Holden One Tonner

Any car person worth his or her weight in dung knows that Australia loves its utes, but not everyone knows that genuine chassis cab configurations were available at times.  Today's feature is a 1977 Holden HZ One Tonner and is one such beast.  Oddly, this one found its way to Indianapolis.

Mileage is stated as 67K, but it's not clear whether that's accurate.  In fact, the seller provides precious little info, but claims to have been driving it and claims it can run on propane (something that wasn't altogether too uncommon at one time).  The 253 CID (ugh...4.1L) V8 probably won't amaze anyone, but will sound good and work well enough.

The ad says this is a 1977 "HZ" model, but several things tell us it might be newer.  As a matter of fact, this looks remarkably like a 1985 Holden "WB".  Regardless, what would you do with this oddity?

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Indianapolis, IN, USA
$4,509 with 8 bids, reserve not met, $7,000 BIN price and 1/2 day to go

Yes, this is an amalgamation of a very parental (or police?) 70s or 80s GM sedan and a flatbed truck.

Here's the bed.  We think a stake bed would be more useful unless this is going to haul ATVs, karts or engines.

From this angle, things look pretty normal.  This front end is pretty clearly WB.

Of course, this features right-hand drive.  Interior is what one would expect in a GM from this era, though the steering wheel looks very aftermarket.  Unfortunately, that's a column-mounted automatic shifter; so this isn't a three-on-the-tree car.

Seats don't look stock for 1977 and neither does the center console.  Hmm.

Here's the 253 V8 with a strange air filter arragement atop the small carb.  Presumably, that has something to do with the propane conversion.

Ad text:

This is an Australian Gm. factory produced pick up.

1977 Factory model , it powered by a GM engine 253 cubic inches and a trimatic  transmission with a Borg Warner rear end .

It runs on Gasoline and also can  run on propane for long range driving .

It has a Indiana title clear .

I imported it it a few years ago and have been driving it

It drives very well and in good condition .

Kevin 317 xxx xxxx


  1. 1977 definitely HZ, 253 was a 4.2L easy to see as it's a red motor.
    WB had blue motors , also converting them to a WB front was very popular back in the early 90's.

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