Straight Outta Florida: The Boss Hummer H1, Now Wearing Zombie Apocalypse Gear

Apparently, this was built as the ultimate hunting vehicle and was shown at a ridiculous toy show in Dubai in 2015.  Needless to say, this was originally done in Florida, despite its current California location.

Because this is 2016, something as odd and intimidating as this hunting vehicle can't be allowed to exist without zombie crap all over it.  So, the vehicle is now presented with "Zombie Outbreak Response Team" graphics.  Our first response is "ugh", but we understand that's what it takes to market to the kids these days.  This ad suffers from a syndrome common to these custom "builds", in that it appears that photos from different time frames with different equipment and graphics are included.  That makes it a bit tough to assess what one is actually buying.

Will someone fork over damn near $190K for this?  We're not so sure anyone will...

Click for eBay ad
San Diego, CA, USA
$189,500 BIN with offers considered and six days to go

Someone certainly put a lot of work into this and, admittedly, the camo effect look cool.

Gullwing-esque doors?  Of course...

Hears another angle with those doors open. Note oddly mirrored panel at rear.

Here's the rear.  Presumably, this is a recent shot, as you can see the zombie label.

Here's another with zombie references and a mini-gun.

Ad text:

The luxury hunting truck of the future...

Parker Brothers Boss Hunting Truck (Florida's Parker Brothers Concepts) "The Boss" Hummer H1, that has been converted into the ultimate, exotic hunting truck. Customized in 2015, one of one in the world!

As seen on Fox News, Wide Open Spaces, The Billionaires Club,,, SyFy Channel...

Unveiled at Dubai's Big Boy Toys Exhibition for a whopping $544,500!

The Boss is customized with bodywork straight out of the future, complete with gull-wing doors, polygonal windshield, and a roof that opens to provide a protected perch to spot and shoot targets from.

Equipped with SIX video cameras fitted to the exterior of the vehicle to provide switchable live feeds to monitors located in the cabin that allows for stealthy stalking while you enjoy the comfort of the custom leather seats and trim. A full suite of communications and entertainment accessories are also fitted, along with winches, front and rear, storage compartments, and as many gun racks as you need. 

It has a sound detector that can detect the sound of any animal in a 300m radius, a hunters dream!
Flat screen TV in rear
iPad control and camera feed for “live viewing” 
USB compatibility
Leather interior with suede diamond inserts
"The Boss" decals
custom steering wheel
Five monitors
CB radio
6.5-Liter, Turbo Diesel, 4WD
Drone capabilities

Clear California title in hand
Current registration and plates
Original cost was over $500k!!!

Will cover shipping worldwide! Truly one of a kind!

***Turret Gun not included

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