Rare American Bantam Boulevard Delivery Microcar

American Bantam was a short-lived Microcar maker, which spun out of the bankrupt American Austin in the mid-to-late 1930s.  Despite only about five model years of production, these Austin-based cars existed in several body types.  This "Boulevard Delivery" is one of the most interesting and collectible.

The seller provides little information, but says the car is in "very nice"condition.  We have to assume that means it runs and drives.  The photos certainly do seem to back up the claimed condition.

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Lake Forest, IL, USA (the OTHER Lake Forest)
$8,300 with 37 bids, reserve not met and five days to go

We love the unique shape and style here, what with the odd combination of micro size and art deco details.

The lighter-painted coves really pop better from this angle.

Interestingly, there's no opening at the rear.  Loading/unloading was all from the inside.

Interior is simple and functional and it appears to be in very good shape.

Here's the cargo area.  Is that a creepy doll??

Engine is a small four cylinder, but we don't know much about it. Just assume it'll have microcar "performance", meaning it's probably a blast to drive this slow car fast.

Ad text:

1939 Bantam Boulevard Delivery 
Rarest of the Rare!

Here at MissChiTown, we assist collectors with the marketing of their collector vehicles and we have had the opportunity to visit many major car collections through out the United States. Interestingly we have seen many of these little Bantam cars in some very sophisticated collections.  These Bantams certainly seem to appeal to collectors whether their primary focus is on Ferrari, Antique or Classic cars - everybody loves the Bantams!  The Bantams popularity besides the fact that they are a fabulous piece of design art, they are also fun to drive.  

In the world of Bantam collecting everybody agrees that the Bantam Boulevard Delivery is the crème de la crème of Bantams due to the scarcity (only five believed to exist).  To find one that is restored and in such beautiful colors as the one in this eBay auction is a very rare opportunity.  

This car was restored in the late 1990s and would be an attraction in anybody's collection.  

Check out the pictures and you can see that this car is in very nice condition.  It is believed that the 19,000 mileage on the odometer is original (note no documentation to prove this).  Everybody can bid because the private sellers have a set a very reasonable reserve.  (Please do not ask reserve).

One thing for sure, you can park this Bantam Boulevard Delivery next to a Duesenberg and as many collectors that want to see the Duesenberg will also want to check out this Bantam.  We assure you that this car does attract the attention anywhere you go.

You can bid to win and be happy that you did.  

However we try to answer all questions in a timely manner.

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