Good Morning, Vietnam-Style Citroen Truckette

Just picture this in blue with Tuan (AKA Phan Đức Tô) stealing it with eggs falling out the back.  You get the picture...

This is basically a 2CV with a small van body on the rear and these were in production and in use for many years.  This is hard to beat from a coolness perspective, but potential buyers should take note the top speed is around 50 MPH, as proudly stated by the seller.

Apparently, this one came from France via the UK, has had a new chassis/frame installed and runs great.  Further, the logo is described as "removable vinyl".  Everything is removable with enough effort, but we hope that means this is a cling or fairly new decal.

What would you do with this little beast?

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Ramona, CA, USA

What's not to love here?  Three-lug wheels are a bonus!

Here's that 2CV front end.  Note relatively modern headlamps on this 1973 example.

Rear has barn doors for easy access.

Inteirios is simple and pure 2CV.  Shifter should be a rod which rotates into different positions to shift.  We love it!

Here's the 600cc powerhouse!  Plastic fan again reveals this is a late production 2CV (or is that aftermarket??).

Ad text:

Vintage French vehicle. This 1973 had a new chassis installed in England before venturing to America. It's a 1973 Citroen Truckette formerly used as a work vehicle in a French Village.
Has a small 602cc 2 cyl. Engine that will power the vehicle to speed for close to 50mph. Runs great, is easy to maintain. Comes with a cover tailored to the car. The logo is a removable vinyl. No more than 150 examples of these vehicles are in the USA. The car runs great. The speedo show 87,716 Kilometers or in miles that is 52,629 miles

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