Body on Different Frame: Ford Falcon and Crown Vic United!

Yes, the Falcon used unibody construction.  That seems to explain why this is so oddly tall.  Also, the front was extended a whopping thirteen inches because the wheelbase of the Crown Victoria was so much longer.  These issues make one wonder why these two cars were selected for mating. But, then again, who doesn't love a challenge?

Some truly odd choices have been made here.  We've outlined the biggest among them already; but a quick look at the interior shot below will confirm there were more.  It's hard to know what to do with this, but it's strangely compelling, particularly given the $3K asking price and the thought that one might get it for less.

Still, will it ever handle well at all?  Would Police Interceptor parts help?  We don't know, but we do know that we'd slap the Interceptor badge on this immediately if we bought it and we know we'd try to get it for under $1K if we were interested enough.

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Olinda, CA, USA

A long-nose Falcon is truly unique, but is it an answer to a question no one asked?

From this angle (and only this angle), not much looks to have gone awry.

Rear is normal and this angle shows the extreme, downward curve of the front end.  Note that the track width just "ain't quite right."

It looks like the Crown Vic seat(s?) is/are still in place, which is good if you want to wallow around on a bench seat.  We assume the presence of the modern steering wheel means the entire column is intact.  It's hard to tell what's going on with instruments.

Here's the 4.6 liter "modular" V8.  In this relatively small car, this should provide plenty of torque, but it isn't much to look at.

Ad text:

1961 Long NoseFalcon 2 dr Hot Rod / Rat Rod runs like a champ 
Body is sitting on a 1998 Crown Victoria chassis. Nose extended 13" to fit frame..
One of a kind, engine redone last year, 
Current clean and clear title "NO smog ever" 
Titled as a 1961 Falcon 
Tags good until Oct 2016 
Has a 4.6 V8 w/automatic 

$3100 cash and it's yours 

Call or text Rick at 9O9 xxxxxxx

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