Set your own Rekords in this Shift-it-Yourself Opel

With some funds, any European auto fan can score a 1980s BMW, Mercedes or even Audi; but this Opel Rekord will stand out in any American crowd today.

This is the 2.2i version, which came with the most sporting engine available, and this also has the Irmscher sport package, which consists of mostly cosmetic goodies.  The seller claims a number of mechanical upgrades vs. a non-Irmscher; but it seems some came on all of the 2.2i models.

Miles are either 51K or 151K and condition appears to be original and very good.  We love the manual trans and the sporty Recaro seats, as well as the mostly plain-Jane sedan wrapper.

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Iron River, MI, USA
$5,000 with ZERO bids, reserve not met and six days to go

This is the best exterior image provided.  For some reason, there are no shots of the front.

Rear has a certain "American-owned European" look, which reminds us somewhat of the XR4Ti/Sierra and maybe the Scorpio.

What car would be complete without a decal on the fender?  Also, Ronal wheels are labeled Irmscher for good measure.

Cloth-covered Recaros.  It officially does not get better than this - short of harnesses.

Simple, analog gauges look purposeful and sufficiently European.  Note reliable, manual windows, manual shifter and, perhaps most importantly, six cassette storage slots!  Those were the shi!t back in the day.

Ad text:

European VIN No.:  WOL000016F1252397. This is a 1986 Opel "Rekord Sport", a limited edition of only 500 built by the Opel tuning company "Irmscher".  "Irmscher" is for Opel what "AMG" is for Mercedes Benz.  Opel has been owned by General Motors for a long time and there is a lot of product- and engineering sharing going on.
The engine is a 2,2 Liter 4 Cylinder with mechanical fuel injection rated at 130 HP (SAE), top speed 120 MPH, weight 1165 kg (~2600 lbs.), 5 speed manual transmission.
The modifications by "Irmscher" to the standard Opel Rekord "GL" model are:
1. increased engine capacity from 2 Liters to 2.2 Liters
2. lowered suspension and increased track width - live rear axle w. trailing arms, "Monroe" gas shocks and separate coil springs,  rear drum brakes,  independent front suspension w. disk brakes
3. tuned exhaust system with exhaust headers, 2" exhaust piping and 3" chrome end pipe
4. front and rear spoilers and aero all around package
5. 4 spoke leather steering wheel 15" diameter
6. "Recaro" sports seats upholstered in tweed fabric
7.  full instrumentation including tachometer, oel/pressure- and volt meter
8.  opening dark tinted glass sunroof by "Augros"
9.  AM/FM, cass. deck stereo w. multiple speakers
10. aluminum wheels by "Ronal" especially made for "Irmscher"
This car is all original, it was never fully repainted and was never in an accident.  The 5 digit odometer shows 51600 km, but I have to assume that the total km are 151600.
This Spring, the car was inspected and some fuel lines and water hoses were replaced.  A new battery, new ignition cables and a new set of  performance radial tires in the size of  215/60X15 were installed.  Opel owners manual, original "Irmscher" sales brochure and price list as well as US import document papers come with the car.  The vehicle was imported into the US by the seller in 2012 and it has a clear Michigan title.
This is a very responsive and sporty car and it gets 30 - 35 MPG!


  1. Didn't this car sell for $5k on Bring a Trailer's auction site a couple weeks ago?? Such confusion...

  2. Didn't this car sell for $5k on Bring a Trailer's auction site a couple weeks ago?? Such confusion...