Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like: the Vega-based Monza made into a cruck.

This seems to be a well done conversion and actually preserved a bit of storage space behind the front seats. Strip away the pickupness and this is a 103K-mile Monza with six cylinder and automatic.  None of that is exciting, but it is unusual in today's market.

The $9,800 question, however, is whether this is priced remotely close to the market.  That's a lot of money for any Monza/Vega; but we imagine one could spend that pretty quickly trying to recreate this.

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Windber, PA, USA
$9,800 BIN with offers considered and 4.5 days to go

Though the bed is short and thus not very useful, this car wears it fairly well.

Rear view reveals diminutive bed size and apparently good conversion work.

Just a regular Monza, right?

Tonneau cover is hinged and bed has some sort of liner mat.

The tailgate does drop in this case and looks well finished.  Note spare tire well for hidden storage, or, pehaps, a spare.

Here's the Monzamino badge!

Interior looks to be mostly stock and in very good condition.  Too bad there's no clutch pedal to spice things up.

There is a bit of storage space behind the seats. We'd consider finishing it out more than this.

Here's the V6.  We're not sure whether this is the 3.8L or 3.2L variant; but neither sets records in torque or HP.

Ad text:

*CUSTOM* Chevrolet Monza / Vega 

This was originally a Chevy Monza wagon. It has been customized to be like a little El Camino, what we call the "monzamino" One of a kind, get something that no one else has!

Low profile 13" wheels and tires.
Professionally painted (cadillac escalade color: pear white)

Pickup will need to be by Wednesday, the 19th of October.

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