Buick Grand National Wagon Tribute

No, Buick never put the turbocharged 3.8 from the GN into the Regal Wagon; but someone else did.

This car isn't perfect; but it is a great start.  The engine swap was done in such a way that it look essentially stock (surface rust and all).

What's the bad news?  The biggest issue is that the engine block is cracked due to freezing.  So, this is a project, but it's a project worth taking on if the price doesn't go up too much.  The setup in the car is from the 1984/1985 GN; but seller has also collected the parts needed to convert this to the 1986/1987 setup.  Just BYOB (block, that is).

If we got hold of this, we'd do the engine upgrade in a way that would get the most power out of it while looking as stock as possible under the hood.  We'd also swap on Grand National or GNX wheels to complete the tribute.

What would you do with this?

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Olympia, WA, USA
$2,025 with 7 bids, reserve not met and 2 days to go

Black wagons are among our favorites and, once running, this will have the power to back of the mean look.

Hood from a turbo regal fits nicely, as well it should.

Rear is as plain and simple as one would expect.  Good thing this is a chain link fence...

Interior looks to be essentially stock and in decent enough shape.  Dash doesn't look cracked, but might be faded (?).

Cloth seats appears to be in good shape, too.

Here's the legendary, 3.8-liter, turbocharged V6 in all its cracked-block glory.

Ad text:

The Ultimate Grocery Getter

Up for sale is a one of a kind !983 regal wagon with a 84/85 Grand National drive train. this car was professional put together, It is a very clean for 31 year old car. The paint is in OK condition, This wagon has the famous 3,8 turbo Grand National engine and built 200R transmission and 3:73 positive traction rear end just like the factory grand national. No Rust and is not patched up at all,   All under the hood is factory in appearance and is very clean and original, so this car has also not been butchered or hot rodded, The engine needs a rebuild the blocked cracked due to sitting last winter, Knowing that it needed a motor I have the parts to convert it to the 86/87 intercooled Grand National, These Grand Nationals are beginning to skyrocket in value and will be nuts in a few years to come, so don't miss out on owning a one of a kind.

There is no expressed warranty is being sold AS-IS

86/87 parts list:

2.5 ATR Header

2.5 down pipe with test outlet

Stock Turbo

TE48 Precision turbo

JCL boost controller

scan master

SCM alcohol injection

55# low impedance injectors w/ 2 Red Armstrong burned chips

modified computer for injector 

Stock injectors

2 sets of mild ported heads 

86/87 engine wiring harness

intercooler  w/ plumbing

intake manifold w/ throttle body

coil w/ bracket

86/87 radiator

86/87 AC with lines

throttle cable

trans kick down cable

stock computer

Im sure I have left some things out but this off the top of my head

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  1. Someone after my own heart. I love the longroofs. This would need a complete going through, but it's a great idea.