Z21: The Zombie Truck

Yes, it's called a D21; but we're referring to this oddity as the Z21 due to its zombie theme.

The zombie theme consists of a mural on both sides and the tailgate.  For some reason, brass knuckle decals are also featured in several places.  Do brass knuckles even work on zombies?

The seller claims there's a solid truck underneath it all, and does claim to have done some recent maintenance.  This is a 5-speed truck with AC and a sliding rear window; so it's not a bad start.  What's this worth to you, if anything?

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Sevierville, TN, USA
$2,900 BIN with offers considered

From a distance this looks like it might just be dirty, but it's a mural of sorts.

A closer look reveals the graveyard zombie theme.

Brass knuckles are also a recurring theme on this truck.  Pep Boys hood scoop probably only hinders aerodynamics.

Yes, the mural wraps around both sides and the rear of this one. Note the brass knuckles decals on the rear window.

Another close-up for good measure.

Here's the well-muraled tailgate.

One more close-up.

Apparently, and extra hood with some practice mural designs is included in the sale.

Bed features a plastic bedliner.  We wonder if there's rust under it...

Interior is mostly stock and in about the condition one would expect, which is to say "serviceable."

Pep Boys seat covers probably hide worn out seats.

Ad text:

You've never seen anything like this, because there isn't anything like it.

Custom paint job with zombie scenes done by hand over flat gray 
Purple/ green iridescent paint on the wheels
Custom lowered approximately 2 inches
Dark tinted windows with vent visors
Xterra bucket seats, center console, carpeted door panels

Underneath the awesome paint job is a solid small truck:

1989 Nissan Hardbody D21 Pickup with just over 180k miles
2.4L Z24i engine with 5 speed manual transmission with overdrive
New radiator and new exhaust system were installed just before I got it
I personally replaced the fuel injector in the throttle body and coil/ igniter assemblies 
Equipped with power steering and AC
Sliding rear window, factory Nissan plastic bedliner
Tires all match, lots of tread
Altezza/ Euro taillights

This interesting little truck needs a little TLC, but is in GREAT shape for its age.  
but it will need some cleaning and fine tuning to get it in top shape. 
SEE THE VIDEO OF IT RUNNING HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tvt4XoQHdAQ

I'm selling it AS-IS with some additional and replacement parts included:

Extra throttle body assembly, complete
New power steering hose assembly from Autozone, still in original unopened packaging
Extra hood with a different custom zombie scene by the same artist (*Seen in the last photo)
Name brand good used radio/CD unit

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