Volvo 940 Batmobile

Admit it, you've all looked at delightfully boxy, 80s and 90s Volvos and wondered what they would look like as Batmobiles.  Well, someone decided to find out.

There's a lot of DIY handiwork here and the photos mostly speak for themselves.  Here's a quote we love:

"a few spots where hot glue was used , etc. I kinda like the way some things were done in a non slick non pro way . Gives it charm . Is folksy & creative . Makes it kinda like an Art car."

Underneath it all is a 351K mile used car that supposedly has had a lot of recent maintenance and a lot of typical older car faults.  These B230 four cylinders run a long, long time; but a 351K used car may be a tough sell.  Screw that - act now because the Batman doll shown in the image is included in the sale!

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Ocean Grover, NJ, USA
$899 with ZERO bids, $1,249 BIN and 4.5 days to go

Pinstripes and decal are nice and all, but how about those fins?

Batman-shaped headlights may or may not be legal in your county or parish.  Non-functional hood scoop is a nice touch and, yes, there's a backwards scoop on the roof (also non-functional).

Ridiculously odd from every angle!

Let's get to the rear and those fins.

Contrasting blue and yellow bumper sticker clears things up, in case there was some doubt.

This closeup reveal the homemade nature of the fins.

Yes, they contain LEDs, apparently, wired to the brake lamps and turn signals.

Moving to the interior we see not everything was left alone, but most of the "work" is just color-related.

Pep Boys (or J.C. Whitney?) seat covers match the theme, rather than the rest of the interior, and Batman logos on the head restraints complete the look.

The seller sprung for the full front+rear cheapo seat cover kit AND here's a pic of that Batman doll.

Here's the B230.  This is a naturally aspirated, single overhead cam four cylinder; so don't get too excited.

Ad text:

 Custom Volvo model 940 modified to look like the Batmobile . This is the coolest car you will ever own ! One of a kind . Totally awesome . A real head turner . Rear wings . Bat shaped headlights project bat shapes . Red leds on wings for turn & brake lights . 2x Spoiler scoops(fake) . Pinstriping galore . Red & Black interior . Automatic . 4x door . Sedan . 351750 miles . 22mpg local . 28 mpg highway .

In great condition . Owned by a Volvo fanatic . Very very well maintained . Runs & drives great . Do not let high mileage scare you . It is actually impressive & indicates how well maintained this car is . These older Volvos are known to last forever . No rust . No accidents .

Tuned to perfection . Oil & filter changed every 2500 miles . O2(oxygen sensor) replaced . Battery , ignition coil , ignition wires , spark plugs replaced . Tie rod ends , ball joints , front bushings replaced . Fuel pump , fuel filter, fuel relay replaced . Exhaust fittings & clamps replaced . All 4x brakes replaced . Radiator , water pump , thermostat replaced . Engine timing belt & engine seals replaced . Probably forgot some stuff but you get the idea - super well maintained car . Above stuff might be needed in any used car you buy and could cost thousands to do .

Ok so now the cons( cosmetic & creature comfort ) :
Paint exterior not in great condition . Fair . Looks good from distance . Mixed paints. Oxidation . Could use buffing / refinishing / maybe repainting . See fotos .
No heat . Heater core was leaking so was bypassed . Will come with electric heater that plugs into cigarette lighter .
AC works but takes a few minutes to kick on/get cold . Sometimes makes minor noise when on . Uses readily available R134 freon .
No GPS , Radio , or CD player .
No steering wheel airbag .
Usual old car stuff : missing door map pockets , seat covers worn , driver window makes noise when all the way down(but works fine) , a few spots where hot glue was used , etc. I kinda like the way some things were done in a non slick non pro way . Gives it charm . Is folksy & creative . Makes it kinda like an Art car . 

I am in Central NJ . Manchester .  Zip 07859 . You are welcome to come and examine & test drive this car . In fact I wish you would . I encourage & prefer that you do so . I myself would not buy a car without seeing it in person & test driving it .

TERMS : Being sold as is . No returns or refunds . A non refundable deposit of $250(via paypal) is due within 24 hours of auctions ending . Balance upon pick up to be cash only . Must pick up this car within 10x days of auctions ending .

P.S. - Yes Batman doll in rear seat is included .

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