Time Capsule Topaz: Two-Door with Five-Speed!

Soon, we'll have a whole generation that doesn't remember Mercury, Ford's red-headed stepchild.  That's sad, as the brand had a few real performance gems over the years.  This isn't one of them, but it is a last holdout of the 80s, even though it was sold in the 90s.

The Topaz, of course, was Mercury's twin to the much-maligned Ford Tempo.  This is the car that makes people realize just how good the Mondeo-based Mystique and Contour "world cars" really were.  Still, there were bright spots: AWD in some cases, a Mazda diesel and even some V6-powered performance variants.

Today's feature isn't one of the special editions, but it's interesting for a few reasons.  First, it's amazingly well preserved while most of these have rotted away.  Second, it is a two-door variant with manual trans; so it is ostensibly sporty.  Third, its full red interior reminds us that OEMs once invested enough to make that many parts in different colors.  Those days are long gone.

At under $5K, it's hard to say this isn't a bit of a deal; but one has to wonder what to do with it.  It's rare that a Tempo or Topaz is worth more than $1K.  This one checks the box because of its condition and mileage, so any change to that might rapidly make this a $750 car.  So, this is a bit of a conundrum, but we think it deserves to be saved.

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Canton, GA, USA
$4,990 BIN

Styling was cleaner and more modern on these later Tempos/Topazes.  The front "light bar" was a brand/family theme derived from the Sable (of all things).

This is a relatively friendly face and one some of us used to see often - usually in our rear view mirrors.

Profile reveals this car's "coupey-ness" and quality alloy wheels.

Would anyone ever really use this "luggage rack?"

Apparently, the tail lights work.

Here's that beloved, full red interior.  Big caveat  - we don't know what's under that dash cover.  Also, yes, this car has mouse belts!

This even had a tachometer!

Rear seat, of course, shows no wear.  Not surprising, consider the fronts don't, either.

Trunk seems ample in size for the size of the car and it looks like original (?) floor mats are included.

Here's the non-exciting, 2.3-liter I4.  This produced around 90HP when new.  The best claim to fame here might be sharing an engine with thousands of Mustangs...

How about a genuine Topaz Monroney label???

Ad text:

Nice 1-owner rock solid 56k org mile Colorado rare 5-speed Topaz GS Coupe! This is a super clean 2.3L Fuel inj 4cyl  5-speed Merc! Very rare that org owner had the foresight to take extra special car of this gem! This baby has survived the years and is still looking great it looks more like a 5 or 6 year old not a 23 year old! Runs and drives nice and tight and strong! Nice original paint that looks great! Nice red cloth interior! Clean engine bay. Clean undercarrage. Well equipped with cold ac, nice factory alloy wheels, luggage rack, original am/fm/stereo cass, spare tire and jack in place and look to have never been out, leather wrapped shift knob, factory floor mats, power mirrors and more! All books/manuals and original window sticker! This car has had years of pampering and care how many Topaz's have survived like this one and how? I can tell you just about none much less a rare 2 door 5 s-peed rust free version most lived in the rust belt but not this one! If you want a nice original and had one of these years ago heres your chance to relive the dream! So may of these are very junky beat down and not in the shape our little fella is in so weigh your options you can buy a beater and fix it up and bet you will have more spent or just buy this gem and enjoy it now! Vehicle is parked in our showroom it is that quality so please call ahead to set up a time to ck out!

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  1. What a clean topaz. My first car was a brown topaz that was automatic. Cool post!