Rare Mexican VW: Hormiga

The Hormiga (Ant in Spanish), also known as the Basistransporter, was a front-engine, front-wheel drive mini-truck made in Germany and Mexico from 1975 through 1979.  In some cases, these were shipped as knock-down kits and built elsewhere.

These were only in production for a few years and only in low volume.  As such, only a a few thousand were built.  These were front-drivers with a front-mid engine mounted under the rear of the tiny cab.

This one, however, appears to have a rear-mounted engine, which might have been a strange option or a modification.  The big center console storage compartment may be where the engine used to be, which is a big disappointing, as we'd prefer to see a twin-engine, four-wheel drive setup, a la Citroen.

Value is hard to determine given rarity; but 15K isn't a ton of money for something so unusual and which might actually be useful as a truck.  Will a US buyer fly in and drive it through Baja?  We'll see...

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San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

We love the simplicity of this little beast, as well as the white walls and moon mini-moons.

The cargo area holds the spare and, apparently, a Pepsi cooler.

Cab is as simple as one would expect.

Here's that storage compartment where one might expect to find an engine (?).

If stock, this is an air-cooled VW 1.6.

As we mentioned, this appears to reside at the rear, which is not normal for this vehicle.

The ladies seem to like it.

Ad text:

VW Hormiga (Ant) 1978, very unique piece on its type.
This truck was manufactured in Puebla Mexico from 1976 to 1978 with an exclusive production of 3600 units in total.
Very original and authentic.  Delivery covers California State.
This truck was restored in Los Cabos Baja California Sur Mexico, where I currently live.
Note-  This track was previously announced in my former user alpine1961 but unexpectedly pictures and information was deleted.
Price 15,000 USD

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  1. I live in Mexico, and this would be somebody's daily driver/work truck