MurderCedes: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Car

Thinking about the bottom falling out around the 2016 US election?  This might be just the ticket, especially if you convert it to veggie oil, which should be fairly easy to do.

The seller built this starting with a clean example from Texas; so it's claimed to be rust-free, aside from added patina.  The interior was left stock and is claimed to be in good shape, although no pictures are included.  The seller did include a video and that provides some glimpses of the interior, as well as evidence of the car running.

Under it all is a 300SD with the 3.0-liter turbodiesel, which should run for half a million miles or so (it has done about 200K, so far).  This is from the era of the "real Mercedes", when these were built like tanks.  What could be better for a zombie (or Trump or Clinton) apocalypse survival vehicle?  Well, okay, one might want four-wheel drive.  Still, this thing is really cool...

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Higdon, AL, USA
$233.33 with six bids

This seems to check all the boxes, with intentionally faded paint, massive bumper, rusty steel mesh, diesel exhaust through the hood and a makeshift roof rack with auxiliary lighting.

The driver's side fender hasn't been reshaped so much.

Front end is menacing! Note the tire tread bumpers.  Chains also add street cred.

Taillights have ostensibly-protective metal covers.

Hmm...interesting badging!

Here's a close-up.  Yes, the Turbo Diesel badge has been modified to read "U DIE."

Sunroof apparently works - could be used as a turret of sorts.

Here's the turbo-diesel.  Yes, it's turbocharged, but acceleration can assumed to be leisurely, especially with all the extra steel added to this car.

Ad text:

“Mechanically sound, exterior made to look like it has been through the apocalypse.”

Up for auction is my 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300SD with the infamous 5-cylinder 3.0 turbo diesel engine. The car has 204,000 miles on it, which is not even half of what these cars are capable of. I've named the car "The Murdercedes" so you know it's awesome.

The car was created to look post-apocalyptic, in the Mad Max style. I build cars like this and resell them, and I'm ready for my next project, so this one has to go. The car is mechanically sound, starts up every time, and I've recently taken it on trips to various post-apocalyptic car events from Chattanooga to Indianapolis, Atlanta, and it's driven around 75 miles a week as a moderate daily driver. The main reason I drive it so much is because it gets 30-33 miles per gallon, it's reliable, and it sure turns heads!

The Murdercedes started life as a clean, 100% rust-free Texas car. I transformed it into the post-apocalyptic beast you see now because I feel like those infamous, bullet-proof Mercedes turbo diesel engines will be around long after the bombs fall. I was even interviewed about the car for a Wasteland Weekend website: Will It Wasteland

Recent repairs and upgrades (within the last 3,000 miles) include:

- New motor mounts
- New tires
- New oil pressure lines (a common problem - fixed)
- New ignition lock cylinder (another common problem - fixed)
- Upgraded airflow system with new cone filter
- New oil pan gasket
- Brand new battery (100 miles ago)
- Cobra CB with antenna
- Whelen police siren and PA

Everything works on this car except for the climate control. I never worried about it much, but the heats comes on randomly and the AC does not blow cold. But everything else, including power windows, all gauges, power antenna, power seats, and even power sunroof work. The driver's side rear power window sticks sometimes as if it's coming off the track, but the motor works. Also, the lights on the roof aren't wired up, but they're good. I had them wired on the grill guard but decided to move them without moving the wiring yet.

I've left the interior alone (except for removing the glove box to install the siren control and CB) because I still like the idea of keeping the luxury on the inside with the ratty look on the outside. Who says you can't be a badass and still enjoy the creature comforts? Turbo runs great with no issues. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly with no problems. 

The car gets a ton of attention and I'm often stopped at gas stations and parking lots for pictures. The photos here don't do the detail justice, but let me know if you want more specific detailed pics of certain areas and I'd be happy to snap some more shots.

You must pick up from my home in Higdon, AL, which is located about 35 minutes southwest of Chattanooga, TN. Arrangements can be made to meet you at the closest highway exit (Trenton, GA) to make things easier, if you'd like. Please ask any questions before bidding.

Check out a quick video of the car starting and running


  1. It also looks like something from a Mad Max movie.

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