Forbidden Fruit: 1973 Opel Commodore GT/E

The Opel Commodore was an executive sedan which was never sold in the US. We don't know how this one found its way to the high desert of California; but we do know it's the most desirable variant: a two-door GT/E with a four-speed manual.

The GS/E was the top sport trim level and came with a 2.8-liter inline six with about 160HP.  For 1974, the engine was detuned a bit; so one could easily argue this is THE GRAIL!  Well, at least the Grail of period Opels.

Unfortunately, the ad for this car lacks any history and any information or pictures related to the interior.  Based on the whopping three images with the ad, this looks like a somewhat rough, but complete, project.

This is a really interesting, really rare car that will never be particularly collectible; so we hope just the right buyer comes along to get this back on the road.  Also, we're tempted to call on this car just to see the seller's collection.

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Perris, CA, USA

Styling looks interesting for the period and condition looks solid.  If that was a vinyl top, it's clearly peeling! We also see enough here to be jealous of the seller's land and car collection!  Note the Opel GT right in front of this one...

Front has prominent GS/E badge and perfectly period driving lights.  Aside from that, it looks like this car's front end previewed Buick styling that would arrive ten or more years later!

Rear reveals a massive, curved backlight and wide tail lights.  We see some clear Mercedes influence here.

Ad text:

1973 Opel Commodore GT/E. very rare 6 cylinder. 4 speed manual. factory sunroof. gray market car. only one in the US. $6500. ask for Todd...

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