Awesome LeMons Buy?

So, this went over the $500 limit; but it seems like  the ultimate LeMons car.  This is a Fox-platform Mercury Cougar with the turbocharged 2.3L four and five-speed manual.  It looks like every piece of sheet metal on this car has damage and/or rust and the dash has seen too much sun.  That seems like a race car opportunity to us, assuming the rust is not in structural bits.

1) Body needs work?  Check.
2) Engine needs work? Check!
3) Not worth restoring? Check!!

Well, we think it's worth restoring from a coolness perspective, but it will make no economic sense.  So, why not strip this Cougar's interior out, sell off the good bits, rebuild the engine with performance mods (plenty are available) and stiffen up the suspension to make an awesome racer?

Someone already bought this one, but we had to post it.  Hopefully, it goes to some sort of loving home to see another life on the track or as the sleeper it was meant to be.

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Middlebury, VT,  USA
Already sold for $610 with two bids

Here's the "formal" Mercury roof line.  Silver makes this even more of a sleeper vs. the red and blue XR-7s and Turbo Coupes that come up periodically.

Have you seen the light?

Front end would be indistinguishable from a T-Bird withouth the grill change.

Rear has fancy "Cougar head" lights.  Also, there's no CHMSL on this 1984 model.

Here's an idea of the kind of rust we're talking about.  Hopefully, T-Bird doors fit, as full door replacement might be the best idea is one wants to "restore" this.  The seller included more pics showing rust bubbles along the lower side/rocker trim.

The interior appears to be very nice overall, although the dash is cracked.  In a sense it would be a  shame to gut this, but the parts might have some value, given the good overall condition.

Back seat looks new.

Trunk is ample.  Your humble host has previously fit a keg in the T-Bird equivalent.  Note the head gasket...hmm.

Here's the cool turbo four - Ford didn't even both to relabel this as a Mercury engine.

Ad text:

This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking to restore or mod a great car from the 80s. Only 6,171 of these XR-7 were made in 1984 and a small percentage of those were manual transmission like this one.  This car needs some work but does run.  It burns oil so probably needs rings and/or valves replaced.  Turbo works.  Will need brakes and tires, but the frame is in good shape (just had it looked at by a mechanic).  The interior is in pretty good shape and is leather.  This car has had only two owners, my Father-in-law and me.  It's a cool car and I wish I had the time to work on it but I just do not.  Please contact me with any questions. Buyer will be responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping but I will help in any way that I can.

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