1991 Volvo 240 Crew Cab

We've seen Volvo 240 pickup conversions before, but never a crew cab!  This one retains rear doors and a rear seat, although the seat back angle doesn't scream comfort.

This seems to be a very well done pickup conversion which started with a wagon.  The bed is even trimmed out on top and the tailgate works!

Mileage was 340K whenever the odometer stopped working, but a Volvo can do more if well maintained.  Unfortunately, this example is equipped with an automatic transmission and it's sometimes slow to go into reverse.  That sounds like the perfect excuse to swap in a manual trans!  Supposedly, there's a bit of rust around the wheel wells and a crack or two on the dash; but condition otherwise appears to be very good.

Given the possibility of transmission issues (and the opportunity to swap), plus perhaps an engine rebuild - or swap - in the near future, we think this is a deal at the opening bid of $1K and not so much at the $3K buy-it-now price.  Somewhere in the middle is a reasonable deal for someone with the skills to handle the mechanical bits - even better it it's someone with a Volvo manual trans lying around.

Regardless of what the next owner does with this one, it will remain a cool curiosity that's actually useful and well done.

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Norwich, CT, USA
$1,000 with ZERO bids, six days to go and $3,000 BIN price

Considering this is a homebrew conversion, this it a pretty well-finished truck. We see no obvious plywood or corrugated siding!

From this angle, something doesn't look normal; but it's hard to put a finger on it.

Let's get back to that conversion.   Here's the functional tailgate in the up position.  Note that the rear wiper is also present, confirming this started life as a wagon.  We love the "0.0" sticker...

Here's the bed in all its glory and ready to accept a load of compost.  Is that a speaker on the side?

The builder even put in a Ridgeline-style, hidden storage area.  We don't know if it works as a cooler.

This fits...

Interior appears to be in very good condition and is essentially stock.

Here's where it's not so stock.  Seatback angle and lack of padding mean adults probably shouldn't ride back there.  As the seller suggests, however, a child seat might fit.  Hopefully, there are seat belts or anchor points.

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Hi eveyone! Check it out!
91 240 
I did the truck conversion back when I first got it just about four years ago.Its been a very good car to me it's never given me a problem and it's been on many many road trips.Couple things that don't work like the odometer stopped working at 340k and that was some time ago.
Fuel gauge also doesn't work but in four years I've never run out of gas.
Blower motor works on high but only sometimes although with the vent open it gets plenty warm in the winter,reverse can take a few seconds to engage after a long trip but hasn't got any worse since I've owned it.I wouldn't have a problem driving it anywhere farthest I've gone was key west about 3000k round trip.
Volvo truck drives straight with no issues or noises,It's had recent brakes and tires.The wheels are actually super rare gotti's and it's the only set I've ever seen with the Volvo bolt pattern there's no adapters like most.The back is completely water tight.The bed floor does lift up and has some storage.The back window is the original window just moved foward.The tailgate is fully functional and with it down it holds a dirt bike or four wheeler no problem and it's low and easy to load with no ramps.
Volvo truck is one of a kind and if you love old volvos it doesn't get much cooler if you ask me.
The body has some rust mostly on rear wheel arches nothing structural.
The interior is all black cloth and I keep it as clean as possible it looks almost new.dash is cracked.The back seat isn't used for people but I guess it could be I'm sure a child seat would still work back there if needed. All in all it's an awesome old volvo and I hope it finds a great new owner.
Best thing is to ask any questions you might have I'll be glad to answer them. You can txt me for quickest response 8052867174
Thanks for checking out my listing :)

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  1. ...and the most painfully uncomfortable back seat ever. As someone who is currently on the hunt for cheap transportation - my kid is about to begin driving - I am willing to bet that this is one of those cars that looks much better in photographs...