Two-Stroke Pre-Samurai

Long before the Suzuki Samurai graced US shores, Suzuki offered the LJ.   The Samurai was considered basic in the 1980s and this was just as basic in its day, featuring a 0.5L, two-cylinder engine.  Off-road capability was always part of the story, though.

This example is a (possibly more rare) tin top version and the seller claims it runs, but needs clutch cable adjustment.  The seller provides a fair amount of information, but appears to have no concept of run-on sentences, punctuation and/or paragraph construction; so this is a difficult read.  Still, we think this little truck is awesome and we hope it finds a loving new buyer who will address any critical needs and otherwise drive it like it is.  This seems too original to paint or otherwise restore...

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San Bernardino, CA, USA

Function over form is the name of the game here.  Note that a Suzuki enthusiast owns this.

Front end of L20 is different from its air-cooled L10 predecessor.

Here's a better look at that tin top and a peek inside.

As with Samurais, the rear door is side-hinged on the Japan market side.  Older CR-V and RAV4 owners should be familiar with this annoying condition.

Door card pretty much looks like cardboard.

Interior appears to be complete.

Here's the cargo area.  We love it this way.  The seller claims the seats were recently recovered and we hope that doesn't just mean with plastic.

Here's the mighty L50 two-cylinder, two-stroke engine.

Ad text:

Rare And Hard To Find Unmolested And Tin Top 1972 Suzuki LJ 20 2 Stroke Water Cooler Engine And Straight Related With Suzuki Samurai.Long Story About This Little Jeeps Most Of Them Was Imported By IEC''Intercontinental Equipment Corporation In San Diego Ca''Several To Nevada,Arizona And Some To Mexico.For The Last 25 Years I Be Owned All Years And Models Of Suzuki Samurai's Who Well Know Has The Guinness Record On Climbing Highest Altitude In Chile,,3 Years Ago I Come Across This LJ And Purchase Them With The Intention Of Put Them Back To The Streets Because My Daughter Like It And Want It To Go To The College Now She Change Her Mind And Wants Different Car. In That Time The Car Was In No Operation Since 1996 Because The Gas Tank And Radiator Needs Repairs,,Now All You Need To Know About The Little Jeep The Gas Tanks Was Fixed And Redone 1 Year Ago I Clean All The Gas Lines And Clean All The Hoses The Radiator Was Made New With All The Interior Parts And Tanks In My Presence,Now The Engine Runs And Purs Like A Kitty The Front Seats Was Redone Has ''ALL'' Functional Lights It Comes With The Original Tow Bar The Door Panels Are The Original Everything Is There Included The Original Owner's Manual And Parts Manual Along With Clean Open Title .Now The Cons.The Suki Runs And Drives But Needs To ADJUST The Clutch Cable,The Speedo Don't Work And The Windshield Wiper Motor Need To Be Fixed,The Car Obviously Has Scratches And Minor Dents Mayority On The Bottom Rocker Panels It's California Car So With All The Goods And Cons You Still Interested On It Email Me And Ask Questions I Don't Do Trades At ALL You CAN Found More Information ON LJ 10 Website Or You Can Google It AT August 1971 Motor Trend Magazine Called The Great RV Binge And See Who Was The Boss In That Competition.Also You Can Found For How Much He's Brother Was Sold Back In 2011 In Barret Jackson Auction In Sccottsdale Arizona In Soft Top Version Restored ''My Personal Taste Unmolested Cars''I Will Add Better And More Pictures

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