Straight Outta China: Wildfire WF650-T with Engine Swap

Those familiar with Wildfire - an interesting name for a gas-powered device - know that they sold Chinese-made trikes in the US with pickup and minivan bodies.  Car and Drive famously reviewed one and was less than impressed.  The US EPA also had issues with this company.  Maybe your experience will differ?

These usually feature a 250CC engine, but the seller of this one has installed a 600 Honda from a VLX Shadow.  We suspect that has dramatically increased output yet might have reduced NVH vs. the non-name Chinese engine.  This probably weighs about twice as much as the bike, however; so don't expect blistering performance.  As a side note, NVH is critical here because the driver sits on top of the engine.

Handling is almost non-existent in a three-wheeler with the single wheel up front; but this seller claims to have improved the situation with wider wheels and tires.  We're not sure increased grip would reduce rollover risk, however, as we might prefer to slide than stress the suspension.

So, if you need an oddball truck for your farm or shop, this might work; but we recommend some research if you want to drive this on the street.

Click for eBay ad
Willow Street, PA, USA
$2,995 BIN with offers considered and two days to go

As far as we can tell, Elmo Santa is not included in this sale.

Here's the classic profile without Elmo.  Note that side pipes are not functional.

Front view is, well, narrow.  Doesn't this scream "stable" to you?

Rear view shows truck bed and seller-installed dual exhaust (which looks to have come from a motorcycle).

How about that wood grain trim?  Fancy!!!

Gauges are almost complete, but no tach is present.  One can probably drive by ear and vibration, anyway.

Here's the sub-driver's-seat engine.

And..a peak from below, revealing the Honda name.

Ad text:

2008 Wildfire. It looks like a pickup truck, but it's licensed, titled, inspected and insured as a motorcycle. This originally came with a 250cc motor, but we had the motor out of a 1993 Honda VLX 600 motorcycle installed.

Here's a link to a video of the Wildfire running that was recorded on May 12, 2016:

The Wildfire has a 4 speed transmission plus reverse. After installing the motor, I had a custom exhaust installed with dual fish tail pipes coming out the back. Note: Those are NOT real sidepipes under the doors, they are just there for looks. The "new" exhaust comes out under the middle of the rear tailgate. The motor is under the seat. This is a rear wheel drive trike with a drive shaft connecting the motor to the rear end.

In order to give it a little more stability plus a cooler look, I replaced the skinny 12" rear tires with 10" wide profile tires. I used wheel spacers to make the 10" wheels and wide tires fit because of the size of the rear brake drums.

I installed an AM/FM/CD player. This also has a factory roof vent. Both sides and the rear gate flip down to make it a flatbed if you wish (which can be seen in the parade picture with Elmo).
I have over $7,500 invested in this Wildfire.

We used the Wildfire to participate in parades to promote our non-profit pet rescue organization, and it certainly got a lot of attention!

It's currently registered in PA (as a motorcycle) and insured (very inexpensive to insure). 

Note: The body is NOT perfect. It has its share of bumps, scrapes, faded paint, etc.

If you want something creative and fun that grabs a ton of attention, this might be just what you're looking for.

The Wildfire passed PA State Inspection. It is fully licensed, titled, inspected and insured as a motorcycle in PA.

The Wildfire is advertised locally and subject to prior sale without notice. The ad on ebay will be removed immediately if sold locally.

This Wildfire is being sold as is, without any expressed warranty or guarantee.

Note:  The reason my ebay feedback score is 0 is because this is a backup ebay account I set up just for the Wildfire. My original ebay feedback score is 100%

Location:  Very close to Lancaster, PA.

Update:  Just passed PA State Inspection on 8/2/16. Inspection good until October 2017.

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