Potential Four-Fer: Piaggio Ape Calessinos

The Piaggio Ape has a long history including deliveries and shuttling rich people around beautiful islands.  Supposedly, the four available from this seller are rare special editions.  Whether that's true or not, we think they're cool.

These little beasts are powered by 422cc Lombardini diesel twins and put out 8 horsepower!  Sure, they're not for racing,but they'll get you around.  It's up to you to determine whether they're street legal in your country, state/province, county/parish or city/village.  The seller has up to four available, so you could attempt to collect the whole set.

Here's some current info:

Yes, this is the same Piaggio that brought us the Vespa!

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Berlin, Germany
$6,400 with offers considered

This might happen a lot of you buy one or more of these!

Here's a look without the touristas.  Wide whitewalls are a nice touch.

The roof has multiple possible configurations, including this and completely open.

Here's a quick shot of the "interior."

Ferrari for scale.

Here's another thing that might happen if you drive this.

Vintage-looking ad!

Ad text:

A truly unique collectors vehicle. Only 600 pcs have been build worldwide for the 40th anniversary of the APE range by Piaggio in 2012 and have been sold out immediately. 

Each vehicle has a unique "Limited Edition Number" badge attached on the vehicle. 

Up to four of them available here. All in White / Bordeaux Red. 

The Ape Calessino is an essential for collectors and lovers of Italian design, to rediscover the true satisfaction of driving and enjoying your leisure time. The Calessino was incredibly popular during the 1960's when Hollywood stars used them as a runabout at exclusive holiday resorts on sunny Mediterranean islands. Originally designed by brilliant aeronautical engineer, Corradino d’Ascanio, the APE’s star truly rose during the economic boom of the 1950/1960’s, a period which was called La Dolce Vita. Extremely fashionable and popular the APE Calessino was the very essence of what Italy was all about: enjoying leisure time with style and with panache. The folding top and the four seats make the Calessino ideal for a leisurely drive. 

Milage and prices are as follows: Approx. 6310 kilometer = 6400 USD, 4340 kilometer = 6800 USD, 1820 kilometer = 7200 USD, 290 kilometer = 7600 USD 

3 passenger seats + 1 driver. 422 cc diesel engine (8 horsepower). Does not sound like much but the engine is really tough. For those who want it can be replaced by an electric engine. Official high speed is 56 km/h. 4 speed hand transmission on the handle bar. 1 reverse gear. 

Roof is convertible and can also be taken off completely. Roof and door material is sailing-canvas and if wanted can be replaced (for example in a different color). There is a trunk in the back with a door that folds down. Seats in the back can be taken off if needed (for example to convert it into a street food truck or "pick-up"). Branding on vehicle (as shown in pictures) can be taken off with hot steam. 

Location of vehicles is Berlin - Germany. Invoice available. Shipping is on your side. Approx. 1500 USD to the east coast. Once you make a purchase I will help with the arrangement of the freight. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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