Possible George Barris Mitsubishi 3000GT

Strange choices were made - possibly by the late, great George Barris.

The seller claims this is a Barris custom and the dash does appear to have his signature.  Of course, the same seller states that this car is for "sail".  We don't see a sail, rudder or keel, but they could be hidden.

Basically, this is an automatic-equipped, V6 3000GT with 110K miles.  We'll let the pics speak to the custom work.  Per the ad, the asking price is $27.  At that price, this makes sense.  If it's $27K...not so much.

Click for Craigslist ad
Glendale, CA, USA
$27 (thousand?)

Clearly, this car wasn't to have a mid-mounted engine; but it doesn't. Giant tail lights and "carbon" bits also jump out from this angle.  No, we don't know what badge is on the rear.

Front end has unique headlamp design and a Maserati-esque grill.  We assume hood vents are non-functional.

Profile shows the hacked hatch area.  No, this isn't the hardtop/convertible Spyder model.  Note...more badges!

Here's a close-up, which reveals a crest and "sport" badge, possibly from an AMC product.

As with the rear, we can't identify the front badge, but we can say it doesn't match the side.

Ugh...an automatic shifter AND a shitty Pep Boys steering wheel cover.  Also, one more badge for good measure - in this case, "GTX".  Plymouth inspiration?

Ad text:

 Custom sports car for sail - $27 (Glendale) 

Specially redesigned custom car based on Mitsubishi 3000GT model. This one of a kind sports car was designed by famous George Barris (designed the batmobile, back to the future and many more famous custom cars . This car was participated in many Car Shows and many many trophies.

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