NOT a Gremlin: AMC Eagle Kammback

These don't come up often, and they always tempt us when they do.  From a distance, one might think this is a Gremlin; but it's actually an Eagle Kammback.  Given the Eagle name, one expects four-wheel-drive and one will not be disappointed!  As an added bonus, this one features a clutch pedal.

The seller claims a lot of recent work including clutch and various seals; so there's a chance this will be a good, reliable driver.  Mechanical parts should be easy to come by, given this engine was in almost everything AMC made for years.  Even the 4WD parts were shares across a great many Eagles.  The seller has replaced upholstery and carpet; so interior cosmetics are good, too.

At the current bid of $2,550, we see this as a bargain; but we don't know the reserve and thus don't know whether someone will get a good deal.

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Manchester, TN, USA
$2,550 with 33 bids, reserve not met and two days to go

Eagle had good front end brand consistency, meaning this might be mistaken for the common wagon from the front.  Naturally, we love the brown color here.

This is the Gremlin angle, with a similar, chopped profile.

Rear view has Gremlin in it, but this might be even weirder.

Here's the manual shifter for the four-speed trans, as well as the excellent condition upholstery.

This does have a back seat and it's in great shape.  Split-folding feature is nice.

Hatch has a tall floor, but decent cargo capacity and much more with seats folded down.

Here's the ubiquitous AMC I6.

Ad text:

Up for sale is a 1981 AMC Eagle Kammback. I have been in the AMC hobby for many years and have worked to restore many of them, as you may know the Kammback model is very scarce, not many were produced, very few left. I need room in my shop to do my next AMC rebuild so its time to pass this one along to someone else.

This car has NO rust, and I know where to look. Frame rails, floorpans, rocker panels are all perfect. Car has original paint and other than a few places its very good for 35 years.

The car runs, drives and stops very well, Can be driven anywhere anytime. Starts immediately, runs smooth, shifts smooth. 4X4 works perfect

New or replaced by me:

New aluminum valve cover – this car leaks nothing on floor

New tune up parts – runs perfectly

New front axle half shafts

New belts and hoses

New Battery

New clutch, new seals on transmission and transfer case

New seals, bearings, pinions seal for rear axle

New exhaust cat back

New rubber seal around hatch window

New shocks all way around

New windshield

New carpet including back part, new spare tire cover

Front seats were redone in NEW NOS material (from SMS Auto Fabrics) and look perfect, rear seat is original and looks good

Has original owners manual and paperwork

All lights work as they should

Has spare tire and jack in place

Things you need to know:

Only have ignitions key, not door key (owners manual has key code so one can be made, I never locked it)

Has dent in front drivers fender and small crack in Krayton fender flare (see pic)

Rear hatch had a leak that messed up paint, I repaired and repainted back part flat black

Gas gauge works backward, full is empty, empty is full (PO installed new sender, prob not right one!)

Has aftermarket radio and PO cut bezel to make hole for it ( I have another uncut bezel that can go with car)

Front grill is not broken, but does have a spot where the plastic chrome is pealing a bit

Needs loved and driven, its super fun to drive. Just don’t be in a hurry when you stop somewhere, everyone will want to talk to you about your car. Again can be driven anywhere anytime.

Message me with any questions or if you would like additional pictures

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