"DragonSlayer" Mitsubishi Eclipse

Are lambo doors, murals and other poor choices missing from your life?  If so, maybe you need "The Dragonslayer."

This is pitched as a "show car", as these types of things always are.  Underneath, it's a four cylinder, automatic Eclipse from the least enthusiast-friendly generation.  The only mechanical bright spot is the supercharger, but the slushbox will keep the fun factor down.

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Roseville, MI, USA
$11,900 BIN with offers considered and three days to go

The overdone 20-inch wheels don't event stand out here, with so much to look at.

Here's a "closed up" view - see the eBay listing for more pics of those "interesting" murals.

And, yes, the murals are different on each side.

Yes, the obligatory fart can exhaust is present!

If you thought the exterior was something to behold, have a look at this interior.  The seller proudly claims that seven LCD monitors are present.  Note also the odd speaker placement choices(dash mid-bass?).

Yes, this has a nitrous system and, yes, the interesting interior choices carry over to the rear.

No surface was left untouched...

Supercharger is a welcome sight on this I4 Eclipse; but why not start with a V6?  Also, we assume the green cam cover adds at least 6 HP.

Ad text:

Car: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Professionally built Custom Show Car Known as “DragonSlayer" when on the Import Show Car scene!
Too Many customs options to list... Cost to build was over $70K! everywhere you look on it has amazing craftsmanship & detail...no other car like it - truly sick & one of a kind.
Would make a Great Promotional Vehicle for any business. 

Performance Mods: This cars engine has been fitted with Crowler Billet Rods, Ripp Pistons, and a Ripp SDS Supercharger belt drive system driving a Vortech V5-G Trim Supercharger (nice whine)..Programmed Ripp Black Box ECU..4 into 1 Header and NOS. Nicely detailed engine compartment. Auto Trans w/slap shifter

Interior Mods: Professionally custom upholstered seats & molded fiberglass trim panels w/airbrush dragon theme throughout. Car has a heart pounding  LOUD JL Audio/Video Sound system all over the car. Complimented with a custom dash and many engine performance gauges and LED compartment lighting.

Exterior Mods: Molded Blitz body kit, car lowered for the perfect ride height . Hours & Hours of Professionally painted & custom air brushed paint work with the mystical "DragonSlayer" theme , twin Halo headlights, 4 corner strobe lights, underbody and in cab LED green glow lights
Tires, Wheels, & Suspension Mods: Tires are 20" Falkens mounted on Custom Hipnotic Joker Wheels painted to match car lowered with a skunk 2 suspension system and stops with Falcon 10 Brakes and slotted rotors.

Audio/Video Mods: Custom JL Audio/Video sound system installed with twin amps , 4 -10" lighted neon subs in the rear,  8" sub in the dash, multiple mid speakers and 7-TV monitors all throughout the car

Awards:  3 time south east region points champion Import Face Off many wins with KOSS Motor Sports, Best Paint and Best Import at NOPI 2012, Runner up for Best of Show Hot Import Nights 2012. Car has been in many magazines. I drive this to local car shows and the looks are crazy...No disappointment here with this attention getter. Car still in great shape for its age of build and only used as a show car since.

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