Rare Datsun 1200 Two-Door Wagon

Nissan positioned this V320 as a small van, and it is closely related to its trucks of the time; but we see it as a small wagon.  Either way, it's damn cool and has massive potential.

This example needs a lot of help, both cosmetically and mechanically, but the good news is that it appears solid and complete.  Also, it's small and shares a lot of parts with other Nissans from the period.  Hopefully, that can keep costs down.

The seller claims this ran seven years ago.  Worst case, the next owner could consider a swap to something with more grunt, but there is something charming about these little sewing machine-like engines.  Perhaps it can be saved?

Paint is a little beyond patina and we suspect the next owner will want a full repaint.  Whether or not the baby blue is original, we think it's perfect here.

Not too many years ago, this likely would have been a sub-$1K proposition all day long; but Japanese cars are a thing now, and the asking price is $6,500.  The question for a buyer is whether they want to end up with $10K+ invested in this when it's finished.  That's not unfathomable, but it's not cheap, either.  If asking price was much under $5K and it ran, we'd say it was a bargain...

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Maybe near Orange County, CA?

Front end should be familiar to early Datsun truck fans.  The seller claims to have the grill and bumpers and they'll be included in the sale.

Rear mini-fins are just plain awesome, as is two-door wagon body.

The interior is as simple as one would expect from an early Japanese vehicle - especially one based on a truck.

Here's a closeup of that almost-art-deco instrument cluster.

There's not much left of the seat upholstery; but the frames are there, so this shouldn't be a huge job.

Door panel is truck-simple.  That card might just need some dye or it might fall apart if touched.

Here's the 1.2-liter four in all its glory!  The seller doesn't say whether the air cleaner is available with the sale.

The undercarriage is dirty and appears to have some surface rust, but we don't see obvious holes.

Ad text:

Datsun 1200 / 2 Door Bluebird V320 commercial van...

very complete, straight, rust free body...

i have the bumpers and front grill also...

original 1.2 liter engine...

the engine ran 7 years ago...

clean title, rolls easy for shipping...

asking $6,500...

thank you

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  1. The Western styling is cool in the far Eastern wagon, but, IMO, not $6,500 cool.