Poorly Done F50 Replica with Crack Pipe Price

We assume there's a Fiero under all the fiberglass, but we're not 100% sure?  Are you?

The seller doesn't provide much useful information, aside from indicating this has a six cylinder "turbo engine"; but the ad does mention Ferrari several times in only a few sentences. Isn't that all you need to know for $60K?

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
$60,000 OBO

Plastic, plastic and more plastic!  The seller claims these are real Ferrari wheels and tires.  The close-up in the ad reveals Binno wheels with Falken tires.  We don't think either supplied Ferrari.

More plastic!


Interior may be modified Fiero?  It's definitely not an MR2.  Ferrari floor mats make all the difference.

Cut holes and install pawn shop electronics - that'll have 'em believing it's a real Ferrari!

Ad text:

One of a kind ever built 1997-f-50 replica. Sounds just like the real deal, very fast, very easy on gas, turbo-engine, remote control dvd-player, and real Ferrari black&yellow carpets. Real Ferrari rims and tires, also the car is extremely clean with a new Ferrari red paint job and the insides is all black leather. 

$60,000 or best-offer

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