Mini Cooper Airplane Car

Let's get this out of the way: this doesn't fly.  It's just a novelty, but it's an unusual one.

Apparently, this was used by Delta Airlines for some sort of promotion.  The Delta decals/logos have been removed; so it's now just a white Mini with fiberglass airplane bits.  Want attention?  This might be for you...

Underneath it all is a 50.5K mile, automatic-equipped, Mini Cooper non-S - a very expensive one.

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Bellingham, MA, USA
$12,500 with ZERO bids and four days to go

Yep - tail fin and cone with some sort of light.  We're not sure if that light works.

Beyond just the wings, doors have simulated jet profiles.

Front is unmodified.

Here's another front 3/4 view.

This is what it once looked like.

Interior is stock.  We actually  like the white over black'n tan look, as much as anyone can like a white car.

Ad text:

Do you want to turn heads or create conversations? How about being photographed constantly? Well, this Custom Mini Cooper / Promotional Vehicle is sure to do the trick!

This is one of four custom Mini's that were created for promotional purposes and used by Delta Airlines.  This vehicle is in excellent condition given its age and intended use. 

Although, It has been driven only a handful of times, since we acquired it several years ago, it drives great and its a blast to drive!  We originally acquired two of these "airplane cars" and several other vehicles as part a "collection" that we purchased.   Our intention on this one, was to keep it as part of our private collection.  We had this car gone over by our mechanics and new tires were installed upon arrival at our garage.  

To answer a few questions, that we have heard since we acquired it:

- Whats it made of?  Its a regular Mini Cooper body.  The wings and rear tail fin are fiberglass.  They are not removable.  
- Does it fly?  No.  Although, its very convincing and I've always wanted to bring it to a private airport and see if they would let me "test it"!!
- What else makes this car unique?  It has a built in Siren / Sound System that is extremely loud and perfect for parades and large crowds.  
- How do I know it's authentic? Just Google "Delta airplane car" and view images. 
- Is it street legal?  Yes - it complies with all DOT regulations for width, height and the extrusions that are added to the vehicle meet DOT requirements. 
- Has the vehicle been modified mechanically?  No.  The fiberglass details are the only modifications to the car.  Its registered as a Mini-Cooper.

A couple of questions that we expect to receive:
- Does it currently have graphics on it?  No.  Its all white and all graphics have been removed.  
- Will I ship it?  No.  All transportation will be the buyers responsibility.  
- What is the reserve? That's confidential. 
- What's the buy it now price?  There is none.  Lets see what happens with this auction. 
- Will you consider a trade?  No.  
- Why are you selling it? Well, we have a growing custom car business and the overall curiosity factor that this car creates needs to be better utilized!  Its a shame for it sit in our warehouse and driven once or twice a year.  

So, that is the story.  Feel free to ask more questions or make a bid on it.  Good Luck! 

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