Kristi KT3 Snowcat with Needs

Today's feature is a rare Kristi KT3 Snowcat in non-running, but essentially complete, condition.  These cool little critters were made in the 1950s and 60s and featured Volkswagen engines, as well as hydraulic leveling systems.

The Kristi company built these in Denver, Colorado, which makes sense.  This one found its way south to New Mexico, which also has no shortage of skiing.  While we have no use for it, we'd love to have it just for the coolness factor and perhaps to take to Big Bear.

The seller says this isn't currently running, but that the engine is not seized.  VW power means minimal investment, even if a full rebuild or replacement is needed.  We're not so sure about the hydraulic system, however.  Also, the interior looks bare from what we can tell from the lacking pictures, but the seller says the two original bench seats are included in the sale.  We hope someone scoops at this cool ride and gets it back off the road!

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Rio Rancho, NM, USA
$10,000 BIN with offers considered and four days to go

This cat's low profile adds to stability on slopes.

Here's the Kristi logo.

Other side show similar wear, but it's all there.

Rear features an access door, presumably for loading cargo, tools or those the driver has to save on a mountain.

Interior pics are lacking and it doesn't look like much is there.

We're not sure exactly what we're looking at here; but we see a wiring harness and perhaps some hydraulic lines.  Both should be present.

We like any vehicle that has a hand-written model info on its data card!

Here's the VW engine's data plate.

Ad text:

Original Kristi KT3 snow cat complete.  IN unrestored condition.  New owner would have to spend some time getting this Kristi perfect again, but is very doable with its present condition.  Comes with the two interior bench seats.  Does not run, however the engine is not locked up or seized.    Please if you would like more details of specific pictures please let me know. 

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