Is Barcelona known for Velveteen Crush?

AMC had a great many special editions, some with ties to 70s designers; but this Barcelona Edition may take the cake - at least in terms of brownness.  And, really, shouldn't we always measure that way?

This example appears to be in amazingly original shape. It's not perfect, but it's damn close, considering nearly 40 years have passed since its birth.  This features the 360 V8, which should sound good, despite being horrendously choked down by 1978.  Still, one can hope for quite a few low-end torques.  The interior of this beast is something to be behold, what with the seating surfaces and door panel inserts covered in "velveteen crush" (per the seller).

There's no reserve on this one; so it'll sell at or above the current bid of $2,600.  We think it's still a deal at or near that price.

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Chattanooga, TN, USA
$2,601 with eight bids, no reserve and six days to go

Does styling get much more delightfully awkward?  AMC mastered that category through the 70s.

Here's the profile.  Note the well-padded landau roof.  Wide whitewalls are a bit over the top - this probably came with "normal" whitewalls.

Tail lights are much more sporty than the car on which they're mounted.  Color-keyed bumpers ensure no shortage of tan.

Is it surprising that this lives with an AMC enthusiast who is also selling a Gremlin?  See ad text for link...

Here's the interior.  The loose, casual, velveteen crush is perfect for the period, especially with the fancy detailing.  The dash looks purposeful enough here - borderline truckish, actually.

Remember split bench seats?  You will is you drive this.  Note that the rear seat offers more of the same material.

Here's the 360.  Things look clean under here and the newish Interstate battery could speak to good care and feeding.

Ad text:

1978 AMC Matador Barcelona Edition

Ok AMC fans I'm selling 2 cars out of my collection so someone else can enjoy these beautiful America Motors Classics...and free me up space to get more. The cars are a 1978 Matador Barcelona Edition and a 1974 Green Gremlin. There is no in between opinion on the looks of this vehicle, responses have been either love or hate. No doubt AMC had an eye for "different" designs and this Matador is a prime example. 78 was the last year AMC made the Matador and that year they only made 396 of the Barcelonas. 

This car has fittingly spent most of its life in Wisconsin, but by the absence of rust you would never know it. The previous owners said they garaged it every winter and brought it out at spring time. By the looks of the car, including underneath (pictured above) it seems to be the truth.

This highly optioned car has a 360 V8 with and automatic transmission, working AC, and AM/FM radio. The exterior color is 2 tone, Ginger Metallic with Sand Tan, it's in very good condition with the exception of a small spot above the drivers door (pictured above). Also, has the padded landau top fitted around opera Windows and back glass. When looking for this model car it's very hard to find one and when you finally do, the landau top is almost always rotted or completely gone. This top has 2 small tears near the opera windows (pictured above) but still the best shape of any I found. The tires are a brand new set of Coker whitewalls, a thicker whitewall than the original look, but I think they really make this car pop. There is also 2 new goodyear spares in the trunk along with original jack kit.

The interior is in very clean shape. Individual reclining seats in velveteen crush fabric with woven accent stripes, custom door trim panels, extra thick carpeting in the floors, dash and cluster in great shape, all gauges work as they should. The only thing that's non operational is a hand clock right above the air controls. The AM/FM radio pickups very clear and the speakers put out surprisingly well.

The original 360 V8 motor is smooth, quiet, and shows no signs of age when you step on the pedal. The only two things I've done to this engine are replace the fresh air duct that runs to the air cleaner. The old one was ok but had a tear, didn't want to sell it that way so I bought a NOS for $50 just to keep it original. It's not on the car in the picture because it was being shipped at the time, but it's on there now. The second thing I did was clean and grease the choke on the carb because sometimes it would stick. And that's it, this car came to me in great shape thanks to great previous owners.

We all want clarity in our ebay purchases, so if there is anything you would like to know or see on the car, message me and I will do my best to answer any question I can. 423-xxx-xxxx, Joshua.

A $250 deposit is due within 24 hours of auction close. If you have less than 10 feedback please contact me before hand. 

Thanks for looking. Good luck!

Here's a link to the Gremlin

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