Advertising Prop: Surf City Belly Up Van

Needless to say, advertising is all about getting attention.  Sometimes, that yields genuinely odd vehicles, like this Ford van body mounted upside down on a Ford Ranger pickup.

The base vehicle here is a 195K miles, four cylinder-powered Ranger with 5-speed manual trans - probably a pretty basic model.  The ad proudly lists a new radio and a full-time backup camera that allows for some rear visibility.  We guess the radio is useful for the long trips one is likely to take in an upside-down vehicle (?).

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Huntington Beach, CA, USA

This is basically as described.

Same from this side!

It appears that the van doors swing open to allow access to the truck door.  Closing it up once inside might be a two person job?

One more...why not?

Here's the Ranger door - note the wheel near the hood.

Ranger appears basic and stock, except for aforementioned audio head unit, though we're not sure what's in the lower right of the image.

Ad text:

This is a very rare find and the perfect way to advertise any business. It is a 1999 ford ranger and the outside of it has a ford cargo van wrapped around it flipped upside down. The truck has about 195,000 miles and was just fully service. The truck is equipped with a new radio and it also has a backup camera that is running all of the time so that you can see behind you. For this price you will also get access to the Facebook page for this vehicle which is surf city belly up van. If you have any questions please call or text 714- xxxxxxx.

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