1989 Honda CRX Convertible

Honda never made one; but that didn't stop someone else.

The seller provides shockingly little detail and no interior photos, but the ad does indicate a manual trans is present. Mileage is unknown, but the seller says the car runs and drives well and that several maintenance receipts are available.  We're interested in structural rigidity, or lack thereof; but only a test drive will reveal the truth in that area.

Apparently, said seller thinks these wheels and tires are worth $3K, as the car is offered for $6K with "stick steel" wheels or $9K with those pictured.  While these are delightfully ugly, we'll opt for the "stick" wheels, thank you very much.

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East Los Angeles, CA, USA

Apparently, this resides with at least one more CRX and some other projects.  That could be a good thing.

This is so strange it's cool!  There are no shots with the top up; so we don't know whether it works or looks decent.

Ad text:

For sale one of a kind 89 Honda CRX convertible. The car is in excellent condition just a few minor issues. All original DPFI with over 40 recipes of previous maintenance drive and runs great. as is I want 9000 without wheels with stick steel wheels 6000

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  1. Much better if you meet up with the seller first to test drive the car and see it for yourself. Cause you don't want to end up being sorry like the ones I read from weird writing habits who were not satisfied with their transactions.