What has a Slant Six, Manual Trans, Half Vinyl Roof and T-Tops?

Why, it's a 1978 Dodge Aspen Special Edition, of course!  At least the seller claims it's a Special Edition.

This mostly original, 162K mile car seems to be in good, solid shape overall and is such a strange build that we'd be proud to own it.  The only issue noted is that one T-Top is a Plexiglas replacement.  No, we don't know what it would take to find another original one!  The next owner can grapple with that and decide whether this car needs a good color sanding/buffing or should live on with its patina.  The interior just looks like it needs a good cleaning and perhaps a more original shift knob.  The seller says there are no cracks in the "lether."  We say vinyl, unless "lether" was Chryslers word for pleather.

The slant six likely has a comically low power output by today's standards, but these were known for good low-end torque.  The 1978 version is surely choked with emissions equipment, but should still move this thing relatively well.

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Alexandria, VA, USA
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The Aspen was never exciting, but it wears classic 70s lines and this blue suits it well.  It's the odd combination of vinyl top and T-Tops that stand out the most on this example.

The Aspen front is pretty generic, but there's nothing in particular wrong with it.

Here's a better look at that half landau roof.  Also, we're pleased to see original steel wheels with trim rings.

Rear shows the beginnings of what would become 80s styling, with a bit less chrome.

T-Tops FTW!

Full blue interior looks to be in pretty good shape overall and that long shifter is just plain awesome.  What did the original shift knob look like?

Slant six, baby!

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Up for sale 1978 dodge Aspen special  edition T Top! Exterior is blue and  blue leather interior  really nice no rips no cracks on the dash, no tears on the Lether  very nice car!! The driver side has a plexiglass T top but passenger side is original glass very solid body no rust, everything works as it should including radio,  wipers, all the lights. Beautiful car runs & drive great it has a four-speed manual  transmission & six-cylinder  162k miles on the title and on odometer shows 62,500 miles  clean Virginia title in hand if you have any  questions please ask before you place a bid 

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