Very 80s Custom Beetle

This is your opportunity to own a darling of VW Trends Magazine from 1992!  Feel the teal.

The seller mentions 1983 in the ad, but the magazine is clearly from 1992 or 1993 and the wheel, seat, audio and color choices all fit better with late 80s or early 90s.  What you get here is a thoroughly modified Beetle, as even the wheelbase have been altered.  Seats are supposedly from an IROC (what could be better for the period?) and a nicely built engine was swapped in.  If the suspension was done right, this should be fun to drive.  We say buy it and keep it just like it is - you'll be the hit of your local Cars and Coffee when you drive in with Faster Pussycat or Slaughter cranking on the ridiculous stereo.

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Fredericksburg, TX, USA

Yes, three-spoke wheels were something of a thing and this paint job isn't that far off of a few factory choices at the time.  Think Beretta Indy Pace Car...

Front looks almost normal, aside from color.

Despite the location in the Texas Hill Country, this car wears a short surf board.  We think an inner tube would make much more sense.

Dash is, of course, painted, and is remarkably simple.  Kick panel speakers are a bit over the top.

Amps (and crossover?) were painted to match!

Front contains the battery and fuel tank, as one would expect.  Another pic shows a fabric cover - presumably for show use.

Yes, even engine bits were painted to match.

Here's a show sign - is that $45K in 1988 dollars?

Here's that mag cover!

Ad text:

One of a Kind 'FUTURE SHOCK" 1971 Custom Radically Modified Beetle Aqua Metallic Green Roadster!! This car was featured in the 1983 Edition of "VW Trends" Magazine and was described as ". . . we had yet to see anything really quite like this '71 Beetle. Its subsequent look is truly out of this world. But if a description was absolutely imperative, it could easily be summed up in only two short words -- "Future Shock." Specific mods include 14" shortened wheel base; chopped windshield; welding and cutting up both doors; adding roll bar; wide custom fenders; short KYB gas shocks in front and rear; Iroc Z-28 front seats; custom dash; Formula France steering wheel; Rossi headlights; Enkei 15" wheels coupled with Firestone P195/50 R15 tires; VDO speedo Sony sound system; Kenwood KAC-300 amplifiers, 10 Kicker drivers, Kenwood tweeters & Linear crossovers; stock powerplant was rebuilt slightly larger now displacing 1641cc's Internal components include a 69mm crank,Cima 87mm pistons and barrels, stock rods and Engle 110 cam. Dualport heads are equipped with 35.5x33.0mm stainless steel intake and exhaust valves along with stock springs and rockers. Bosch 009 distributor; single 44mm Weber carburetor atop a CB performance manifold; 200mm lightened 10 1/2 pound flywheel and 1700 lb Kennedy clutch assembly. 

My father bought this car at auction. I inherited this great car, but am now selling it to make room in my garage for a sailboat. The body of the car is in Mint Condition with just a little fading to the pink and yellow stripes on the interior (see photos). According to the sign that was with the car at auction, the previous owner invested over $44,000 in customizing this Beetle Roadster. Since the magazine article, someone added a cool surfboard to the rollbar (see photo). This car is a blast to drive and definitely turns heads wherever it goes! 

You won't find another one of these cars anywhere!! It is truly One of a Kind!! It has a clear Texas title. Please contact me with any questions or to set up an appt. to see the car!! I hate to sell it, but have to make room for that boat!!

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