TOJAN, for Your Protection

Here's yet another custom Firebird - this time futuristic (by 1991 standard), rather than retro.  If this is your cup of tea, this looks like a good example and has had lots of recent work.

According to the seller, these were modified in Omaha, NE and all were automatics.  This is one of only two V6-powered examples - probably because the V6 was lame as hell, especially when attached to a slushbox.  You'll have to decide whether nearly $12K is reasonable, but it doesn't seem too far off, given the condition.

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$11,950 BIN with offers considered

Ah, the days of odd body choices on F-Bodies.  Why were there so many?

As Nissan proved with the Pulsar Sportbak, a hatch makes for easy pickins if you want to change the look of a car.  As such, most custom F-Bodies have significant changes in that area.

This not only has flying buttresses, but one hell of a massive (and likely ineffective) wing.

Front shows the period "smoothed" look and has bits of period Ferrari and maybe Z in it.

Here's a shot of the massively thick buttresses, mostly likely required in order to hold that wing.  Rear visibility must really suck.  Is it just us, or is there some Jalpa in this view?

Interior looks stock and clean.

Bone stock dash appears to be in good shape.  Automatic shifter is not a welcome sight.

It's unusual to see one of these without a Crutchfield enclosure/cover and two 12-inch subs.  Apparently, one can still open the "hatch" - good to know.

Yep, a V6.  Hmm.

Ad text:

This 1991 Pontiac Tojan is a very rare find. It’s an extremely limited production car based on a new third gen F-body Pontiac Firebird chassis. There were only 138 of them ever made, and this is one of the rarest, as only 2 were built with V6 engines. Granted it’s not a speed demon, but it’s guaranteed to get more looks than any exotic Italian supercar.

GM commissioned the Tojan as a Ferrari fighter to be designed and built by Knudsen Automotive, based out of Omaha, NE. They were made from 1984 to 1991. Only certain Pontiac dealerships in California, Texas, New Jersey, Florida, and a few other states sold them. All of them were special order vehicles, and all were automatics.

They ranged in price from $36,000 to $62,000 depending on the options chosen. The majority were sold to overseas buyers, making them even more rare in the US. The Tojan was never sold as a kit. The hand-built body is very solid and well made.

Pontiac wanted a car that was capable of competing with the Ferrari on a road course, yet still affordable to the average American. GM provided Knudsen with GTA frames, and Knudsen beefed up the stock suspension so the Tojan could corner like it was on rails. It was equipped with power disc brakes on all four wheels and power steering. The 90% fiberglass body is about 500 pounds lighter than a stock Firebird, giving it an even greater performance edge.

24 were T-Tops, 18 were convertibles, and the rest were hardtops. The Tojan's styling was heavily influenced by the Italian supercars of the time, particularly the Ferrari 308. The Lamborghini Countach style wing was available as an option. The Tojan appeared in the movie Collision Course, and on TV in Miami Vice and Alien Nation.

This unique and gorgeous supercar turns heads everywhere and gets attention like you wouldn’t believe. Be prepared for constant waves and thumbs-up everywhere you drive, and people coming up to take pictures and ask about it everywhere you park. Most people assume that it’s a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Maserati. The comment I hear most often is: “This is the coolest car I’ve ever seen!”

The condition of this car is excellent. With a 3.1L V6 fuel-injected engine and automatic transmission, it runs great.

It is equipped with T-tops, air conditioning, power windows, power mirrors, power trunk lid, power locks, and a Kenwood CD Receiver.

The seats have been upgraded to Recaro LS seats. They are extremely supportive and comfortable, and the upholstery is a perfect match. The only flaw is a frayed edge about 4 inches long in the usual location on the driver’s seat bolster.

Mechanically, the car is pretty much perfect to the best of my knowledge. It has had more than $5000 worth of work done over the last year to make it as reliable as possible:

• New brake calipers, rotors and pads all the way around

• New front end suspension (ball joints, tie rods, etc.)

• New Eibach Sportline springs

• New KYB shocks

• New quick ratio gear box (Fresh alignment)

• Rebuilt rear end (3.27 ratio)

• New Cooper tires in front, rear tires are about 50%

• New window motors

• New headlight motors

• New Three Rivers aluminum drive shaft

• AC converted to R134a

• New valve cover gaskets

• New intake manifold gaskets

• New Transmission mounts

• New PCV valve

• New water pump

• Full tune-up

• New distributor

• New battery

• New alternator

• New windshield

The body is very straight, with no dings or dents, and just a few minor scratches. There are no stress cracks in the fiberglass. The paint is fairly new and they did a pretty decent job. There are a few minor flaws here and there, but overall it looks great, with a deep mirror-like shine.

The interior is in very nice condition. There are no stains, rips, or odors of any kind, and no cracks in the dash.

This car has spent its entire life in California, and it is completely rust-free. It has a clean title, clean CarFax, and current registration through April 2017. If you have any questions or you’d like to see it, please call Brian at 818-xxx-xxxx.

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