Morris Minor Clown Car

No, it doesn't seem like this one has been used for clown stuffing!  Rather, this car has been dolled up with a clown theme, complete with parade capability.

Supposedly, this is now witted with a 1275cc engine and front disc brakes; but those aren't the reasons you're interested in this one.  More to the point, the top hat is a pass-through for parades (see image below) and the clown nose lights up!

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Incline Village, NV, USA
$18,500 BIN with offers considered

How about this face?  Yes, the hands are part of the car.

Wheels are appropriately painted. Note the wind-up key on the back.  Apparently, it spins, though we don't know what drives it.

The rear shows that key, as well as planters and the excellent

Here's the hat pass-through in use.  Is that a Trump pledge or is this clown a Nazi?

The seller doesn't provide many interior shots, but this appears to be the steering yoke.

The rear seat is covered in circus-themed cloth, perhaps from a child's sheet set?

Ad text:

CLARABELLE FOR SALE 1957 Morris Minor 1000. 2 door Clown car with a light-up red nose and black top hat. This is a unique, vintage, one-of-a-kind, amazing, incredible antique specialty car. New 1275 MG engine with dual carbs, four on the floor, engine has less then 500 miles, front disc brakes, new paint. See photos, built to show and use in parades. Extra special adorable extras include: a spinning silver skate key on the back, flower boxes on the rear bumpers, eyelashes, an ooga horn, custom circus-theme upholstery, multi-colored metal flake clear coat with added polka dots, powder-coated colored wheels, custom carved steering wheel, hinged top of hat (to stand outside and wave to the crowds). Additional spare tires included. Specialty side mirrors. Averages 46 MPG. Car comes on a trailer with clear title on both.

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