Misspelled and Misguided: 300ZX "Scorpian"

The "Z32" 300ZX is a wonderfully and cleanly styled vehicle.  It's too bad some can't leave them alone.  The two bits of good news here are stock wheels and manual shifter.  The seller provides mileage, but no other information on condition.  Also, there are no interior shots, so we can't comment on overall condition, even from photos.

Where to begin?  How about some quotes?

"Everyone in town knows auto."
Really?  Also, grammar is poor here.

"Alpine tilt collector radio"
Collector?  Radio only, or does it have other features?

"Corvette tail lites."
Bad choice!  Also, bad spelling.

"Custom hood. Looks like Lambo or Ferrari."
No, it doesn't.

"Pic's on my Facebook account"
That would be "pics" and there's no link to any account (which I wouldn't recommend on CL anyway unless this is a thinly veiled ad for prostitution).

"Corvette tail lights"
You already mentioned that poor decision.  At least spelling is correct here.

"Subaru hood scoop"

"Stillman racing spoiler front"

"original aluminum wheels"
Thank God!

"Alpine collector tilt C/D rario"
Second time that's been mentioned, plus there's a new typo.

"3000 watt amp"

"Bose speakers, 12 inch rear custom fit woofers, K&N forced air new z rated tires"

"One of a kind.Serious players only?"

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Costa Mesa, CA, USA

From this angle, we notice the mismatched panels (why?) and the dent.  Look closely and you'll see the a scorpion (or "Scorpian") badge aft of the front wheel.

Hmm...something's not right with these tail lights.

Yes indeed, they're C5 Corvette lights.  Why, again?

Note WRX (STI?) scoop and "Scorpian" badge.

How about a close-up?

Ad text:

Everyone in town knows auto. $500 Alpine tilt collector radio.$500 in box Code Alarm. Corvette tail lites. Custom hood. Looks like Lambo or Ferrari. Pic's on my Facebook account, Corvette tail lights, Subaru hood scoop, Stillman racing spoiler front, original aluminum wheels, Alpine collector tilt C/D rario, 3000 watt amp, Bose speakers, 12 inch rear custom fit woofers, K&N forced air new z rated tires. One of a kind.Serious players only?

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