"Hot Rod" Made from 1993 Crown Victoria

This was the "Special Construction" class winner in the 2011 One Lap of America!  Of course, we don't know whether it had any competition in the class...

The seller proudly points out that this is an all-steel custom, with no fiberglass used.  As a result, it also has no curves whatsoever.  Supposedly, the engine was recently replaced; but it's not clear whether it was new, rebuilt or taken from a 250K mile cop car or taxi.

So, we're led to believe this was built to be a track car for the One Lap event; but the stereo is one of the seller's proudest points.  Hmm - maybe that's because One Lap requires driving from track to track?  Also, the column-shifted automatic has been retained.  Hmm again.

If this really drives well, it might be worth picking up for pure weirdness value at some price well below the $5K asking price.  Are you "just the right person" who wants this?

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Minneapolis, MN, USA
$5,000 BIN with offers considered and 5.5 days to go

Decals are consistent with the One Lap image.  Did we mention this has no curves?  Crown Vic headlamps are still visible here.

Don't mind the creepy, Pink Floyd the Wall, face blur - just admire the vehicle.  We assume the fuel tank now resides where the back seat used to, as the trunk and original fuel tank mounting position appear to be gone.

This does indeed have a spare tire - probably taken from an Econoline or Bronco.

Interior reveals Crown Vic roots with the dash assembly; but the yellow with black seats are not something in the average cop car. Doesn't a column-shifted automatic scream "sporty"?

Ad text:

This is a unique modern hot rod.  The donor was a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.  Tires are P245/60 R15 front and P295/50 R15 rear.  The body is custom steel (no fiberglass) with many coats of high quality paint.  The seats are covered in marine grade vinyl for longevity.  It has a Rockford Fosgate 450 Watt 4 channel amplifier, Hifonics Zeus speakers, and Kenwood X679 CD-receiver with Sirius radio.  My wife ran it in Brock Yates’ One Lap of America in 2011, finishing first in the class of Special Construction.  For that purpose it has extra support bars and five-point racing harnesses along with ceramic brake pads.  It retains the original shoulder straps and safety belts.  In 2014 a new radiator and replacement engine were installed by Automotion of St. Louis Park due to radiator failure and has hardly been driven since. It turns heads wherever it goes, more than any Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Maserati, or Lamborghini!

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