Deminsia Custom out of Florida

Want something truly different?  Try this custom, which is, oddly, called the Deminsia.  Maybe that's because it forgot which end was the front.

This custom was built by The Car Factory in Micco, Florida.  It does seem to be well executed; so, if you're into the style, maybe this is for you.  The price is high, but it is truly one of a kind.

Based on the pics at the link above, it seems a Mazda MX-6 was sacrificed for this project.  The seller says it is powered by a Porsche H6 and we see Porsche gauges, too.  Sadly, an automatic transaxle was used.

Here's are favorite typo from this ad (and among the all-time best!):

"I have insulted the front and rear extremely well, and the doors and windows seal up like a factory built vehicle." 

Click for eBay ad
Sebastian, FL, USA
$95,000 BIN price with offers considered

Yes, the front is on the left.  The mirrors give it away.

Doors open forward - of course.

Here's a front 3/4 view.  Note the fender cutouts.

And...a rear 3/4.  Exhaust pipes are well integrated.

This is the "hood", but we're not sure what's in there.

We see a lot of Boxster here, but we don't know what the protruding aluminum piece does(turbo Encabulator?).

Are these Boxster/Cayman seats?  They don't look like MX-6 units...

Porsche gauges are clearly visible here.

Ad text:

This car is a ONE of ONE.  I have been building movie cars, concept cars, and kit cars for over 20 years and this is my newest creation. I build my custom cars to be driven.  Cold AC, automatic, front and rear cameras with two monitors,  power windows, remote windows, remote door pops with manual handles inside, All windows are DOT glass, no plexiglass,  All lights are DOT stamped, fully street legal.  The headlights light up the road extremely well with DRL's, HID's and LED's.  I am six foot one and I build my cars so I can fit inside comfortable without being stuffed into the vehicle.  This car is comfortable and a pleasure to drive.  There are no funny noises, No Rattles, No loose parts,  and no ground clearance issues which is almost unheard of with a car that sits a mere 4 inches from the ground.

This car sits 2 inches lower then a lamborghini and does not hit the ground on steep driveways because of the attention made to design.  The front end of the vehicle is very close to the wheels just like the rear end.  There is nothing sticking out to scrape the ground.  The car looks so sleek and low and drives so well.  You can talk on the cell phone while driving this car without any noise issues. I have insulted the front and rear extremely well, and the doors and windows seal up like a factory built vehicle. 

The car is powered by a porsche flat six cylinder engine and automatic transmission.  Headers and custom exhaust create a nice unique sound.  Not crazy fast, but certainly fun fun fun.  The wheels are staggered 20 inch with adjustable coil overs all the way around.

The car is titled as a 2016 ASPT which is the state of Florida's "custom built vehicle" assignment. 
Hundreds of guys can go out and purchase a Lamborghini or Ferrari,  However only one person will get this vehicle. 

I have listed the year as a 1972 because Ebay would not accept the ASPT vin number, no other reason.

Please call or email with any questions, Mike Vetter- 321-xxx-xxxx


  1. That A pillar is going to kill a few pedestrians crossing the road. Talk about a blind spot!

    1. That's an a-z pillar by golly.

    2. That was my first thought, exactly. Horrible design from a line-of-sight perspective.

      Other than that, it's got a weird, "wow, look at that!" kind of vibe, that when you DO look at it closely, you come away extremely unimpressed.