Carriage Roof on CTS Coupe

This is a rolleyes post.  While recently better products have lifted Cadillac's credibility, a certain "experienced" demographic still likes to add on tidbits from decades past.  In this case, the uniquely-styled CTS Coupe was subjected to a "carriage roof."

This is for sale in Vegas, which would have been our fourth choice, after New York/New Jersey, Florida (possible with NY/NJ plates) or Arizona.  This will be the hit of the bingo hall!  The seller is asking $42,900.  What's this worth to you?

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Las Vegas, NV
$42,900 BIN with under one day to go

Love it or hate it, the CTS Coupe has unique styling and cannot be called boring.  But, yes, someone just had to give one the "carriage roof" treatment.

Front end reveals only a bit of that top.

The rear of the CTS Coupe has always been striking, right down to its 1969 Shelby Mustang-esque exhaust.  From the angle, the rear window almost look like it is normally sloped.

This view, however, reminds us that this has an almost flat rear window, much like a 1971 Mustang.  Hmm.

The rest of this CTS is stock, except for the Pep Boys seat covers, which match the exterior.

Ad text:

Attention, One of a Kind Cadillac Collectors!! 
This is a car that takes you back to the Classic Cadillacs.
The ones with the Carriage Roof and Cadillac Crest and surrounding Laurel Wreath. This car has had exceptional care and is in like new condition with only 12,763 miles. I bought it at Cadillac West in Las Vegas and had the top done at Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix. The car is in perfect condition. Please read the Window Sticker picture. This car is for serious buyers only, please. Car is located in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.

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