A Skyline Granting Safe Passage?

Here's a rarely seen Nissan Skyline Passage GT with a 2.0-liter, turbocharged inline six.  Sounds perfect, right?  The only catch here is that it is equipped with an automatic transmission.  Still, this is highly unusual and the auto will help keep it on boost.  With that, this should make a great cruiser!

The R31 Skyline was the last generation before the mighty RB26DETT came along and made the car a legend in GTR form.  As such, they get less attention and are imported less often.  This sedan version is even more unusual.  We're not sure it's interesting to the tune of $15K; but the seller is considering offers...

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Orlando, FL, USA
$14,950 BIN with offers considered and 20 days to go

From this angle,  this could be one of several angular, 1980s sedans and doesn't look like anything special.  The hubcaps add to that effect.

The only thing that really stands out on the front is  the Skyline badge - not something seen on many unmodified cars in the US.

Profile shot - still pretty boring.

A peek at the rear shows something unique.

Round tail lights on a sedan look like nothing sold in the US at the time and, of course, this wears a Turbo badge.

Here's an interesting feature - a truly pillarless design with an odd solution to the shoulder belt problem.

Moving inside, we see lots of velour in a beautiful, deep maroon.  Naturally, this is a RHD car.

Dash and center stack are awesomely 80s and Japanese, though analog, in this case.

The trunk seems to offer more than ample storage.  No junk here!

Here's the pint-sized, inline six with turbo.  In its highest-output form, this put out a little over 200 horsepower and similar torque.  While this car isn't small, the lack of mandated features should mean it's not too heavy and this should be thoroughly entertaining.  Again...too bad about the transmission.

Ad text:

The Car is 1986. Ebay does not recognize vin. I had to put it as 1980.

You can also see other vehicles for sale and previously sold at www.garanincorp.com


You are looking on a very clean R31 Skyline Passage.

When reviewing the photos please do not forget that this car is eligible for an antique tag. 

The condition of the car is very good for the year and considering that only a few of these left in decent condition, among those that are left this one is a pearl! The car is well maintained example as it shows from every angle. Runs excellent, very smooth and tight, everything works as it was intended from the factory, and air conditioning works well. 

Once it is going it feels as new and rides very well. Steering and suspension has no play whatsoever. Drive train has absolutely no play and feels new. Automatic transmission shifts good and brakes work excellent.

Original paint is in very good condition for the year with only a few minor imperfections. As you can see in the photos.

This car has only 47k miles of a verified provable mileage from new and it shows that it was in good hands.

Interior is in very good condition and does not make squeaks or rattles when going down the road. 

Serious buyers only!!! 

Vehicle has a CLEAN Florida title that is ready to be registered in "any" state. (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WITH LOCAL DMV & EMISSION REGULATIONS) 

I tried to describe the vehicle as accurately as I can and pictures and video speak for themselves BUT,

You MUST contact me by phone if you have any questions, or before assuming anything about the car and anything that I would or would not do.

If I don't answer please send a text message.

I will assist with reasonable time storage which need to be discussed prior purchase. 

A non refundable deposit of 500$ is due within 24 hours after the vehicle purchase. A full payment to be received within 7 days of auction end. Will assist with storage and transportation.


I would prefer to be contacted by phone or text rather than email.




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