1976 Corvette Trailer

C3 detractors will say this is the best use for a 1976 Corvette.  We say it's an interesting oddity and, yes, we're glad this wasn't an early 70s C3 or even a later L-82, not to mention any mid-year Vette.

Per the seller, the use case for this is to tow it to a car show and sit in it.  Where?  We're not sure; but maybe the seller isn't thinking of Pebble Beach, where he or she might get in trouble for towing this onto the fairway.  Is this ridiculous?  Yes.  Do we love it in a strange way? Yes!!

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Broadview Heights, OH, USA
$200 with one bid, reserve not met, six days to go and $4,500 BIN price

No one can claim to have seen another!

Profile is about what you'd expect. Note the shifter.  We don't know if it serves a purpose.

When towed and viewed from behind, this might appear to be a complete car!

Cupholders are critical, considering the proposed use case.  Supposedly, the lights, all work.  Apparently, there is a cooler behind the seats.

This has a trunk, unlike an original C3.

The builder thought of everything!

No, really - everything!

Here's a rundown of the features, complete with incorrect use of an apostrophe.  We're curious about the "scooter holder."

Ad text:

One-of-a-kind Good Guys award winning corvette trailer (just because its cool). Bring to all the car shows and sit in class. Removable chrome tongue. Either a caster for moving around or a chrome stantion goes in it's place. Storage and ice box behind seat. All lights work like a car. trunk area with roof rack. removable umbrella stores in trailer . custom paint and pin stripes. Custom canvas cover. A true show piece.

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