Spoiler Alert! Wheeler Dealers Electric Maserati Biturbo


A future episode of Wheeler Dealers (the best car show ever) will feature an electrified Maserati BiTurbo.  How do we know?  It's for sale.  That means you could not only buy this, but be on the show.  How one comes up with a reasonable price for this, we don't know...

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Huntington Beach, CA
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In other news, they're also currently selling a 1965 Land Rover.

Ad text:

Here is a rare opportunity to own a piece of reality television show history ... this vehicle will have a full episode devoted to it on the upcoming season of TV's "Wheeler Dealers" on the Velocity Channel ...

This 1985 Maserati BiTurbo had been in storage for almost 20 years before Mike and Edd saved it and brought it into the modern era. Converted to full electric power, this is ABSOLUTELY a one-of-a-kind vehicle and like nothing else you have ever encountered.

The build is nearing completion and the car will be available for sale to the public very shortly. Serious buyers can call or email me for full details on the vehicle and the purchasing process. 

Any sale is "as-is" and potential buyers are encouraged to have their own inspections performed prior to purchase

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